Quilted Postcards

 *Quilted Postcards in 5 easy steps (PDF)

*An Exercise in Making Super Simple Postcards

*1 Million Mile Quilted Postcard Challenge

1 Million Mile Quilted Postcard Miles and Locations

dec-2015-181 We did it! TOTAL January 2016 to December 2016 – 1,000,819

December, 2016: Theme –Anything Christmas:  mileage 360, 670

Technique: paper piecing, raw edge applique, decorative machine stitching

I first made this card in 2015 based on inspiration from a tree skirt. Having just finished the Gravity quit, I had hundreds of slivers of pinked edges left over as scrap. One card did not use many scraps and I loved the design, so I used it as my design for Christmas 2016 as well.

New locations: India, South Africa, Belize

Picture not available (if you need to know… I mailed them all and didn’t take a picture)

November, 2016: Theme –Wildcard:  mileage 44,270

Technique: flip and stitch piecing, raw edge applique

The theme of ‘wildcard’ could be taken literally, or participants could choose to use a card they previously made. Due to a holiday and time restraints, that is what I choose to do. It is a simple card that works well in a variety of circumstances. It hints ‘Canada’, but also reflects the time of year when most of the trees are loosing their leaves. It is gender neutral, a card that could be mailed to anyone

New locations: Grand Cayman

october-2016October, 2016: Theme –Fruits of the Earth:  mileage 40,500

Technique: Needle Felting, Free motion embroidery

Grapes – God’s gift to (wo)mankind.

New locations: TBD

 sept-abcSeptember, 2016: Theme –Back to School:  mileage 16,200

Technique: Free motion embroidery, machine embroidery

This card is pretty simple, but used 3 different sewing machines: an old 1950’s Singer for the lines, a Juki for the free motion, and a Brother PR for the machine embroidery.

New locations: Netherlands

august2016aAugust, 2016: Theme –Go Vintage:  mileage 77,100 (YTD 589,300)august back

Technique: Silk Ribbon Embroidery, beading, decorative hand embroidery, crazy quilting

This card uses a variety of fabrics scraps and embellishments (silk, flannel, velvet, moire, lace, beads) with simple piecing. Embellishments were added at every seam.

New locations: Switzerland, Romania, Alaska, China


July, 2016: Theme –Go Modern: 133,500 miles (YTD 512,200). 

Technique: pieced quilting


This card uses a small amount of bright solid colors, with lots of negative space.

New locations: France, Brazil, United Kingdom, Portugal

june reveal

June, 2016: Theme – Hit the Road, Jack: 7,200 miles (YTD 378,700). Mystery location – Love, Saskatchewan

Technique: hand dyed cheesecloth, layering, raw edge applique, decorative machine stitching.

This scene depicts the moods and colours of a typical prairie landscape. Many different crops in all shades of green, brown, yellow and blue. The sky is vast and moody. Full of drama, and always changing.

New locations: No new locations to report.


May, 2016: Theme – Quilt Industry Appreciation Month: 45,900 miles (YTD 371,500)

Technique: Stitch & Flip, free motion embroidery, fused raw edge applique, embellishments

These flowers were sent to individuals/organizations in my quilting world that have influenced me, taught me or have provided a service that I appreciate.

New locations: Mississippi, Vermont, Colorado, Indiana, Iowa, Maryland, Illinois.

IMG_2706April, 2016: Theme – Work of My Hands; 160,900 miles (YTD 325,600). Mystery location – The Fullerton Hotel, Singapore.

Technique: hand embroidery, embellishments

I was without a sewing machine for the whole month of April so all my cards were handstitched in airplanes and hotel rooms. I had a lot of fun making each one different and inventing stitches. The card in the top left side is the one that reflects our travels – Gardens By the Bay (Singapore), Ha Long Bay (Vietnam), and Penang (Malaysia). See if you can find symbols that represent the 3 locations.

New Locations: Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, California.

Mar 2016March, 2016: Theme – I love water; 94,300 miles (YTD 164,700)

Technique: Paper piecing, stitch & flip, free motion embroidery, machine embroidery stitching, embellishments

My postcard design for March is based on the Tropical Fish Little Bits tissue paper patterns by Cindi Edgerton.  Several years ago I made a small wall quilt from this pattern. It was my first attempt at paper piecing. Accidentally, I trimmed one of the 3″ blocks to the stitching line instead of the cutting line, making it too small to use on the wall quilt. Instead of throwing it away, I used it for a postcard – adding extra water, and a sandy ocean floor.

New Locations: St Thomas, Puerto Rico, Austria, Australia, Virginia

Feb 2016 theme - 'Looking out my Front Door'February, 2016: Theme – Looking out my Front Door; 37,400 miles  (YTD – 70,400)

Technique: Fused raw edge applique, sharpie ‘painting’, free motion embroidery

This is my blizzard scene. I live in a place that is often called ‘Winterpeg’. Personally, I love blizzards. It might be cold outside, but it is warm inside and the perfect time to quilt. You can read more about how I made the cards from my blog post of February 24th. 

New Locations: Saskatchewan, Philadelphia, Quebec, Nova Scotia, Taiwan, New Bruinswick, Indonesia

January 2016; TODAY

January 2016; Theme -‘TODAY’

January, 2016: Theme – Today; 33,000 miles

Technique: stitch & flip, fused raw edge applique

The left side of ‘TODAY’ is a sunrise. We are equal in that we all had a sunrise, and 24 hrs in a day. No more, no less. The square represents a day on a calendar. On the right are swatches of fabric.  That is a typical day for me – playing with fabric. I love it, and I am thankful for every new day.

Locations: Alberta, British Colombia, Ontario, New York, Florida, Arizona, Texas, New Zealand

Esplanade Riel

Esplanade Riel


Submitted to Twitter Art Exhibit 2016 .



Exercise in Super Simple cards

Exercise in Super Simple cards

Exercise in Super Simple cards

Exercise in Super Simple cards


my first postcards

my first postcards

2014b 155

the wise owl family

the wise owl family

half horse

half horse

tropical paradise

tropical paradise



cat in the hat

Cat in the Hat

colour me

colour me



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  1. Laurel says:

    Can’t wait to see photos of your next batch of cards…

  2. Rachel says:

    why not make a YouTube video? that would be great

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