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Kens recipe’s for November

You may have missed Ken’s recipe that I posted 2 weeks ago for Pork and Ricotta Meatballs.  It is definitely worth a try, with extras left over for the busy holiday season. This week’s recipe tops off any meal with a … Continue reading

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Quilted Postcards in 5 easy steps

Gallery Before we talk about making postcards, lets talk about why you should make them and what you might do with them.  Here are some ideas… Things to do with Your Postcards Mail them to the special people in your life, … Continue reading

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More Quilted Christmas Postcards

This is the second part of my quilted Christmas postcards series inspired by Quilter’s World, December 2015 issue. Let’s start with my favorite, the quilted Christmas tree, based on Christmas Tree Skirt by Bev Getschel. I was in the process … Continue reading

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Quilted Christmas Postcards

It’s amazing how something so small can mushroom into something so big.  On weeks that I make quilted postcards, they take over my life.  Teeny, tiny pieces of fabric everywhere. Jewels, trim, thread, stamps and buttons just for starters. For efficiency … Continue reading

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Moving the Milky Way

Quilter’s World (summer 2013):  When I saw a pattern called Battle Warfare designed by Leslie Lattner, all I could think of was how well it reflected the large starry sky that we see at the lake.  Specks of light that … Continue reading

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