I live in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  It is a city of close to 800,000, geographically located in the center of Canada.  We have 4 main Quilt shops and several general fabric stores where you can purchase quilting fabric:

Rural Manitoba is rich with quilting history.  Quilt Manitoba is the best source of information for all things quilting related in the province.

I am a member of Manitoba Prairie Quilters, Textile and Fibre Artists of Manitoba, belong to the South Enders Satellite group, and attend Crescentwood Community Centre mini quilt retreats.


If you wish to contact me, please enter comments in ‘Leave a Reply’.  These comments will not be published, but will be directed to my email and I can respond to you directly if required.


11 Responses to Contact

  1. Hi Judy,
    thank you so much for your lovely postcard! It´s now part of my project “Tribute to Gustav Klimt” – Blog: and Facebook:!
    All the best and once again thank you

  2. Geraldine Carlson Gimli says:

    Hi Judy. I was at your ruler work demo in Wpg in April. I see from your website you have a Juki TL2010Q as have I. I have the Juki ruler foot. Do you use 1/4 ” rulers with it? I am interested in some of Handi quilter templates and wonder if they will be too thick. The other choice is Westalee HS. It is so hard to figure out which rulers to buy just for a start. Thank you

    • So nice to hear from you! The 1/4” won’t be too thick. I have used them and Some of mine are as much as 3/8” thick. I have had more problems with them being too thin. Good luck! Don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any problems. I am busy painting and moving my studio right now but hope to do more ruler guided quilting in the fall.

  3. Mary Ann says:

    Judy, Loved the trunk show last night and your ruler class on Wednesday. Just to let you know if people ask. Hawaiian quilt is available at the store

  4. Nancy Garro Venegas says:

    Hola Judy soy de Costa Rica, nos conocimos en el encuentro de quilteras e intercambio de block, pero vieras que el correo que anote posiblemente tiene un error, me gustaría me lo reenvie para poder escribirle.

  5. Tess Golding says:

    Hi Judy,
    Came across your site via a link in one of the quilting sites I follow. I like your ruler work ideas, I have mainly Westalee rulers, being in Oz we were being loyal to a local business, however it is now gone to the US, so thankfully I bought enough for what Ill need, as postage will make them very expensive, I also have a couple of Leah Day ones and Angela Walters. I have just purchased a Juki TL2010 and slowly coming to grips with it, am enjoying it so far! Hope you keep warm, here we’re waiting for the summer heat to arrive!

    • Thanks for contacting me! I just love ‘meeting’ quilters from around the world. We have been a little on the cold side but it’s warm inside – a perfect excuse to stay indoors and quilt. Enjoy your rulers, and your new machine!

  6. Hi, I just ”’found” your site and love your work. I am working on a Christmas project using Laural Burch fabric………….don’t you just LOVE he “stuff”? Anyway, I cannot seem to find her “Peace” Moon pattern and wondered if you could be of help locating one that I could purchase. Any help that you can give will be appreciated. Take care and be safe. Jo Ann Andrews

    • Yes, Laural Burch was ahead of her time. Very unique designs. Sorry for the delay in responding. I know where there is a book with the Peace Moon pattern but have not been able to get a hold of the person who has it. If I do, and they still have it, I will contact you.

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