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Manitoba Eye Spy

Our Province has a big birthday in May. Of course all celebrations have been postponed but fortunately, quilting does not break any physical distancing rules so I was able to work on my Manitoba 150 quilt. Here is the official … Continue reading

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March Madness

We made it to Hawaii, and back. My favorite picture comes from the view we woke up to every morning. Now, the world seems in crisis. Everything in my life has been postponed or cancelled. Fortunately, I have enough food … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Act

Out of necessity, 2020 will see changes to my blog. This is painful, coming off my best year yet – 43,000 views, almost 15,000 visitors, from 90 different countries. But I may have said ‘yes’ to just a few too many … Continue reading

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Temperature Quilt 2020

Canadian Prairie Folk are obsessed with weather. My grandfather’s diary goes back 100 years. I wish I could read all of it, but I’m sure it included the temperatures of that day. This was labeled Volume 2. I don’t know … Continue reading

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RQ 201 – Doing it the Hard Way

I was recently reminded that you learn more from your mistakes than from your successes. Small comfort. There were so many times the rotary cutter almost made contact with fabric, but I refused to give up quite that easily. The … Continue reading

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Ruler Quilting 201 – Start Stitching

Starting can be scary. But I had a plan, I had rulers, I had a sandwich I liked, and I had thread. Recently I attended a class where a teacher suggested using 7 threads – 3 matching the colours in … Continue reading

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Ruler Quilting 201 – The Design Process

It started right. A large sheet of paper on the floor, with the blocks marked. Do you have any idea what cats do with large sheets of paper? It goes something like this… The next step was to put the … Continue reading

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Ice: Friend & Foe

Ice. Apprehension. The two are always linked. Every spring starts the same. First, long cracks, then clear and cold water along the shorelines, often reflecting clouds above. Diamond crystals sparkle amid grime and grit left over from winter snow. So delicate, so beautiful. But … Continue reading

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Mount Kilauea & lonely trees

Works in progress (WIP). It’s all about the journey, right? And memories created in the process. This week’s post is about two WIPs – totally unrelated, and yet they feel connected. One goes back 2 years. At the time I … Continue reading

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Summer Snowballs

Last week it was still winter. The ice was melting. Crystals of ice sang to each other and to us, as they gently swayed in the breeze and nudged each other along the shoreline. Occasionally there was a bang as … Continue reading

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