Back to School – September Reveal

My grandson went into kindergarten this fall.parker

He knows his ABC’s and I hope they still practice handwriting.

We practiced in a lined scribbler. That’s what came to my mind when I considered a ‘back to school’ theme for the 1 million mile postcard challenge. ABC’s and handwriting.

My September cards were done in a series. There are 8 cards that cover all the letters of the alphabet from A-Z with several art and/or quilting words for each letter. Instead of practicing handwriting with a pen, I was practicing handwriting with needle and thread.

Here are the cards. sept-all

Many words were left out because of space, but I still like the list so I’m publishing it here. My favorite these days is ‘nap’. Of course its a great textile word, but the other meaning is pretty sweet too. Are there words you would like to see added? You could help make a more complete list. Just give some suggestions…

  • Art, aesthetic
  • Beauty, balance, believe, background
  • Create, contrast, culture, contemporary, concept, colour
  • Design, define, decorate, document, dance, detail, dream
  • Energy, elaborate, eliminate, end
  • Form, function, finish, focal point, fabric
  • Gallery, give, gather, goal
  • Harmony, history, hue, HST
  • Imagination, illustrate, interpret, image, inspire
  • Journey, junk
  • Knowledge, knot
  • Line, light, label
  • Modern, meaning, meter
  • Name, nap nature, needle
  • Others, optics, ornate, original
  • Picture, poetry, photography, plan, perspective, pattern
  • Quilt, quarter-inch
  • Reason, raffle, realism
  • Space, search, spiritual, share, square, shape, size
  • Time, tone, text, title, triangle
  • UFO, undo, useful
  • Video, vision, value, vintage
  • Window, ward, work, weave, word
  • X-treme, X-citing (yes, it’s a stretch but can you think of anything else?)
  • You, yardage
  • Zigzag

This time I only made the 8 cards. If you received one you will be the only one with those letters of the alphabet. You don’t know the other recipients, but you are connected to them in this A-Z series.

The rest of my quilting was limited this week. I picked up some 100% wool duffel in a clearance bin that will be added to the mad scientist dye pile, and I worked on my 3 blocks that will be part of a 2018 raffle quilt. A very good quilter from our satellite group is in charge of the quilt and we are privileged both to learn from her and to contribute to the quilt. I may be able to show you a finished block next week. Today though, its back into the studio to work on my Sacred Threads quilt.

October’s theme for the 1 million mile challenge will be food related – “Fruits of the earth”. It’s appropriate for harvest. It’s appropriate for Thanksgiving. It’s appropriate for anything food related.

I happen to have an old cookbook of my mom’s. It has no cover, is well worn, stained and maybe even slightly burnt from the time it spent close to the wood stove. It is the Blue Ribbon 21st edition Cook Book (1905). The Foreword has this quote:

We may live without poetry, music and art;

We may live without conscience, and live without heart;

We may live without friends; we may live without books;

But civilized man cannot live without cooks.

-Lord Lytton

This could certainly make for some interesting conversation. Fortunately we don’t have to live without art. It is all around us. We have friends from around the world that we have never met. And cooks (both men and women) can be honoured, but they need the food that is grown in order to cook anything.

Have a great week. Look for something artistic today. Maybe its a colour (like red leaves), maybe its texture (like bark), maybe its a shape. And consider participating in the quilted postcard challenge in October. We would love to have you!


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2 Responses to Back to School – September Reveal

  1. Sheryl says:

    I enjoyed the old cookbook quote. Cooks definitely play such an important role in facilitating the creation of wonderful food memories.

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