The March theme will be : “I love Water”. You have until March 15th to request a postcard. For review, you can read about the 1 Million Mile Quilted Postcard Challenge on my Jan 1st post. Next week I will give you the February locations and miles.


Those familiar with Winnipeg will know it is often called ‘Winterpeg’. feb viewAnd with a theme like ‘Looking out my Front Door’ how could I do anything other than a winter scene? I love blizzards. The wind howling outside, and snow swirling in all directions. Actually, we have had a beautiful, mild winter so far but there are still another couple months to go.

Feb 2016 theme - 'Looking out my Front Door'

Feb 2016 theme – ‘Looking out my Front Door’

To make these cards, I started with the smoke. I used a Sharpie permanent marker to draw the lines and then sprayed it with rubbing alcohol in order to force a bleed. The trees were next. We have green trees and brown trees in the winter, so I did some of each. Again, these were drawn on with Sharpie markers.

The houses are wishful thinking. Actually, the shapes are realistic but I really do wish we were a little more adventuresome in the colours we paint our houses. Since I am the ‘architect’ of this little scene, I built my houses out of Heat & Bond in many different colours.

Snow was the challenge. Here was my snow making equipment:feb snow

  • free motion embroidery on tear-away stabilizer for mounds of snow. If you use needle nose pliers to pull the stabilizer away from the threads it will create a wispy effect. You just have to be careful not to pull away all the stabilizer or you will end up plain strands of thread. How would I know that? One guess.
  • shredded Bounce fabric sheets (used ones) for swirling snow. The fibers in Bounce are sheer enough to see through but strong. It also shredded nicely in small pieces.
  • shredded cotton swabs for flakes of snow. I could maybe have skipped this step since the cotton is not strong but I thought it added to the overall effect.
  • bridal netting cut into 1/4″ strips for wind- and to hold the Bounce and cotton (i.e. snowflakes) in place.

And what do I do on a snow day? flourI turn the oven on, I turn the fireplace on, I mix a batch of cinnamon buns, and I quilt.  Do you remember the mystery picture I posted in January? I was mixing bread that day and a breeze caused the flour to scatter. That was my ‘search for art’ that day.

Is it any wonder I like blizzards? We may be known as Winterpeg but I am more than ok with that.

Now (drumroll)… the theme for March is:  “I love Water”. We will be on a cruise in March so will be spending a number of days on the water. What do you like? Do you enjoy watching a sunset over the ocean? Do you like walking by a river? Or maybe you enjoy fishing or just watching waves. There is a lot of fabric out there with water scenes. Look in your stash for some or create your own. I would LOVE to see what you come up with.

If you want one of my postcards, send me a comment between now and March 15th.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a creative week.

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Creator of all things quilted; minimalist in everything except fabric!
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3 Responses to Winterpeg

  1. pegsplace says:

    I love your postcards and your process! Thanks for sharing. I for sure would like to put my name into the ring for March. I have some ideas for water!

  2. Virginia says:

    Hi Judy, hope these will make the Feb totals at the last minute. Two postcards of flowers in my garden, one going to Taiwan, 8622 miles and one to Toronto Ontario 1163 miles. Can I request a March postcard please.

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