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‘Go Modern’ Reveal

The theme for July’s 1 Million Mile Postcard Challenge was ‘Go Modern.’ I love the look of modern quilts, but when it came down to making a modern postcard, I struggled. Modern quilting is about the use of bold colours … Continue reading

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Mad Scientist Fun & Slow Textiles

My Mad Scientist experiments are mostly about having fun. Questions like “I wonder what will happen if …” and “what if I do this?” or “what will happen if I add that…”. It combines two things I love to work and play … Continue reading

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Your Turn to Vote

July’s theme for the 1 Million Mile Postcard Challenge is ‘Go Modern.’ I am already on my 4th rendition of a design. Why is this one so difficult? Because I want it simple but still interesting. Do you want to … Continue reading

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Hit the Road, Jack

We enjoy our annual summer drive through the Canadian prairies (20 hours, return trip). There are no mountains, and not even many hills. There are no oceans. It can be hundreds of miles between cities. In fact, there are many times … Continue reading

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