Alright.  I admit it!  I have an addiction.   It’s Sunday night and 5 bunnies line the sofa – a visual display of a weekend’s work.  It would have been 6 but my 14 year old daughter rescued one for her collection.  Guess we still haven’t totally lost her to the teenage world!  Oh, and I also cut out 4 more bunnies – just in case I can sneak in the time to make 1 or 2 (3 or 4? 5 or 6?) during the evenings this coming week.

While I was working, I also discovered a new technique for gathering ribbon.  Now I have yards and yards of gathered ribbon on the counter of my sewing room, waiting for further inspiration.  Should I make flowers?  But what shape?  How will I hold it together?  Put it on what?  I need to think about it.  If I leave it on the counter I will see it and think about it every time I walk into or by my sewing room.

This weekend though, the house got a brief dusting, but don’t look too closely.  I confess.  The floors never got washed (again!), piles of laundry didn’t quite find their way back into drawers and I never phoned my brother.  I really meant to do all those things.  Honestly.  But I just didn’t find the time.

Now it’s Monday.  Off to work for another week.  Visions of bunnies dance in my head.  I could make some in silk… in satin… in velvet… two-tone… blue… pink… white.  I could make them big, or small; dressed, undressed.  Easter is in 4 weeks.  How many can I make?  How to market them?  But, no time for bunnies now.  I have to work.  Concentrate.  Concentrate.  Oh, this is sssoooo boring.  Write a memo, phone a client, attend a meeting.  Well, lunch is coming.  I’ll go browse … look in the stores … look through magazines at the bookstore.  Maybe I’ll see something different, something inspiring.

The work day is over.  My heart wasn’t in it.  I could have done more.  I could have stayed late to finish that report.  I could have volunteered to take that trip next month, or sit on a committee.  But, that would take away from more important things – like bunnies!  At lunch, I found Christmas ribbon on sale – 70% off!  I bought – well, lets just say I bought enough for any project I might need it for in the future.

10pm.  The children are in bed.  They had piano lessons, then one had hockey; the other, soccer.  Somewhere we found time to eat.  Now I turn on the news and go into my sewing room.  Spools of thread, ribbon, notions and tools line the pegboard.  The ironing board remains set-up at all times.  Sewing machines sit, waiting for my command.  Fabric and patterns fill the closets.  Remnants of my last 5 projects sit on the countertop.  This is my world.  Heaven on Earth.  I have full control.  Today it may be bunnies; tomorrow it could be jewelry, flower arranging, painting, or something else.  There is no one to impress… no pressure to perform… no bottom line to worry about… no corporate ladder to climb… no business plan to follow… no office politics… no family strife.  I sit here – created in the image of my Maker.  At my fingertips is a piece of string, a scrap of fabric, wire, ribbon and fiberfill.  A bunny appears.  I look and see that it is good.