Your Turn to Vote

July’s theme for the 1 Million Mile Postcard Challenge is ‘Go Modern.’ I am already on my 4th rendition of a design. Why is this one so difficult? Because I want it simple but still interesting. Do you want to participate? Send me a comment from the Contact tab. Any comments there will not be published. I would love to see what you come up with. You have until the end of this week to let me know if you want a postcard from me.

Summer means two things in our neck of the woods – construction and gardening. Construction doesn’t just happen on our streets and highways, it is a perpetual thing in our household. What that means is during this last week I was tiling and painting, not quilting.

Having said that, my fingers may not have been quilting but my head was. In June I cut out a log cabin quilt and I used left over pieces to practice some curved quilting. These will end up either as a wall quilt or will be used on the back of the quilt. I took a few minutes to lay out some potential designs but I need your opinion. Which layout do you like the best?

And what are your thoughts on using it as a wall quilt or would it be better used on the back of the log cabin quilt? I tend to like quilts that are interesting on both sides but seldom take the time to do that.

In terms of gardening, the weeds are winning. And it seems like such a futile exercise. We picked blueberries instead. With all the rain we have had, this has to be one of the best crops ever.

We had blueberry pancakes, made a blueberry pie and 20 cups have made it to the freezer. We will enjoy those next winter. Ken’s Kitchen has been quiet for awhile so here is the first recipe of the summer: a traditional Blueberry Pie. Next week I will post a recipe for a fresh blueberry pie that is just awesome. Watch for it.

Blueberry pie

Traditional Blueberry Pie

Have a great week. Find something creative to do or look at. Thank you for reading my post and a special thank you to anyone who takes the time to leave a comment or vote on one of the layouts.

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10 Responses to Your Turn to Vote

  1. NancyR says:

    I like the first one of the designs. Looks like flowing water. I also like interesting backs.

  2. Virginia says:

    Hi Judy I llke the one on the right. I try to make my quilts reversible so that I have a change when I need it. Usually not anything too fancy but a change. I am envious of your blueberry crop. My daughter was a Junior Forest Ranger in Northern Ontario one summer and picked a lot of blueberries. She isn’t too fond of them now.
    Your postcard is on its way. Virginia

  3. Laurel says:

    Oh my goodness, WHAT a blueberry harvest! YUM! I hope my blueberry patch is as bountiful as yours!

    I’m torn about which is my favourite layout. At first, I liked the centre design. And, once I decided… “yes.. that is my favourite”, my eye was immediately drawn to the one Nancy describes as “flowing water”. In it, I see a large school of fish.

    I like the order of the centre layout and the movement of the layout on the left.

    Like you, I am thinking more about designing the “back” of the quilt. I’m not thinking of anything that would interfere with the design of the quilting stitches on the “main” side, but I like the concept of having/giving two quilts in one. I like change, and do wish a couple of my favourite-coloured quilts (that I love in specific rooms) had second sides. When I make the bed, it would be nice to flip one quilt over and get a slightly different look in the room.

    • Good comment on having the flexibility to change the look in a room. I hadn’t really thought of that. Hope you get a good crop of blueberries too. Think we will be able to pick again this weekend and next.

  4. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    Hi Judy
    Those blueberries look real good. My daughter who lives in Lac du Bonnet says that there are lots of berries this year so picking is quite easy. I been haven’t been picking berries for a few years, but Tara said she would pick some for me. ( I trained her well)
    Back to the quilting, I like your third picture and I love the colours. Good luck in your choice.

  5. Jeany Chan says:

    I like the design on the far left. It’s different and has a softer effect, There’s a “flow” to it.

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