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In Month 2 of the 1 Million Mile Quilted Postcard challenge we went further than month 1. 37,400 miles. Now that is progress! It brings the total miles so far to 70,400! Where did we travel? In Canada we went coast to coast – Victoria, Vancouver, Hague SK, Warman SK, Winnipeg, Ingersoll ON, Sault Ste Marie ON, Toronto, Montreal, Halifax, and New Brunswick. In the US our postcards went to Orlando, Philadelphia and Arizona. Other countries included Indonesia and Taiwan.


Marnie from Mesa

Look at this card I received from Mesa Arizona. Looking out her front door (February theme), Marnie has a lovely view of desert sunsets, golf greens, palm trees and oranges. Doesn’t it make you want to be there? I love the oranges which were thread painted on to the tree. I have only tried free motion embroidery on a postcard once. It was enough to deter me for a long long time.

March’s theme is: “I love water”. We will be on a cruise in March so will be spending a number of days on the water. What do you like? Do you enjoy watching a sunset over the ocean? Do you like walking in the rain? Or maybe you enjoy fishing or just watching waves. There is a lot of fabric out there that would fit a water theme. Look in your stash for some or create your own. I would LOVE to see what you come up with. Let me know by March 15th if you want a postcard from me. 

Time is running out on the Twitter (postcard) Art Exhibit. If you are submitting a card it must arrive in New York City by March 11th for a show running from March 31st to April 21st. For this postcard exhibit you must use paper. Thanks to a suggestion from Kate, I made a fabric postcard but stitched through paper on the back. I did receive notification that the postcard was received and accepted. Thanks for the idea, Kate! Here is another postcard challenge I was just told about which is being hosted by the Swiss Hand Embroiders Guild. Check this one out! You have until August 31st to mail your work of art.


For the creative part of my post this week, I want to tell you about an image I recently did for the Refugee Sponsorship Committee of the church we attend. (we have been matched with a family of four from Syria). Sponsorship is a one-year commitment and they wanted an image they could use for updates or other promotional events. It had to be simple and easy to recognized.



This is not something I would have normally taken on. First, I got hung up on the word ‘image’. We have our own language as quilters, but ‘image’ is not a word we would use. Second, it sounded like a job for a graphic designer or artist, not a quilter. However, a gentle nudge got me thinking. Then researching. Then bouncing ideas off hubby and son. Then consulting with a good friend who brought her stash over and gave me fabrics to work with (thanks L!). And we ended up with something the committee decided to use. The piece is called ‘Together’.

Together consists of an international symbol for a family, supported by a pair of hands. The shadow illustrates families standing behind a family. Hands give, protect, receive and represent hospitality. Blue is the colour of trust and responsibility. Edges, unfinished and frayed, are loosely stitched together. We are all unfinished. We are all frayed. And now, we are all stitched together. It reminds me of a quote I was recently given –

“Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much.”  -Helen Keller-

Thanks for visiting my blog. Have a creative week!


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  1. Kate says:

    Hi Judy, glad I could help. You postcards deserve to be in an art exhibit.

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