May Reveal – A Salute to the Quilting Industry

Anne's Garden

Anne’s Garden

Countdown to Grand Give Away 2016 – is now ONLY 2 weeks away. This is a reproduction quilt made in honour of my mom, who inspired me in many things including quilting. The Grand Give Away was announced February 17th, the week of her birthday and will be drawn June 8th, the week of my birthday. It is also a celebration of my 1st anniversary on this blog, and a thanks to you for reading my posts.

Since it is the last Wednesday in the month, we are taking a break from ‘Inspirations from SE Asia’ in order to reveal the design for May’s postcards. They started simple enough. Two fabrics. One flower. And one row of stitching. Everything went as planned. At the beginning.

But lets back up to the theme. May was “Quilt Industry Appreciation Month.” Where would we be without you – the ones who help us advance our passion.

It’s you – the brick and mortar stores where we can stop to feel fabrics, to chat with you or your staff, and we can get some personal advice.

It’s you – the magazine and book publishers who give us inspiration, instructions and new ideas.

It’s you the teachers who travel and share your knowledge.

It’s you, the on-line individuals who give us access to one-of-a-kind items and connect us with new friends around the world.

It’s you, the organizers of quilt shows who work so hard to let us admire the work of the best.

It’s you, the local quilt guild executives who sweat the tough stuff.

It’s you, the organizers of tours and events who let us experience the world AND quilting at the same time.

It’s you, the pattern and fabric makers; the most fundamental ingredient of all.

And everyone else who makes this the best hobby in the world.

We thank you. I thank you.


may2Back to the design. I wanted it to be simple, yet elegant. A flower seemed appropriate. After all, flowers are the most common symbol of appreciation and these cards were suppose to be special. Not that I have many fabrics with flowers on them. In the end I did find scraps of fabric I used several years ago. It would have to do.may1

For those new to making super-simple postcards, I will review my method.

Step 1: Create the background. In keeping with the simple theme, I choose 2 shades of grey for the background. I fused the first fabric to the bottom edge of the Flexifirm and then added the top strip using the stitch, flip and fuse method.


Step 2: Layer items of interest. In this case, my first step was to stitch the stem using free motion embroidery. I made a template for better accuracy but was indecisive on thread colour. Should I use blue or pink? In the end I used both. Same with the flower. What started out with one flower ended up as two or three on most cards. Its hard to throw out a flower just because its incomplete. A partial flower looks fine on the bottom or side edges of a card. Besides, the spontaneity of adding more flowers made each card different – a unique original card for you, and more interesting work for me. The blue dot was added at the last minute. It was on the original fabric and it was either use it or throw it away. The flowers and dot were fused using Heat and Bond.may4

Step 3: Embellish. Did the cards need anything? I tend to keep things simple and decided that one single gem stone was enough.

Step 4: Complete the back. I have a Postcard stamp so this part is easy. If you do not have a stamp you can simply write Postcard at the center top with a line running down the center. backAfter it is stamped or drawn, fuse it to the Flexifirm with your iron.

Step 5: Stitch the border. Again, I decided to keep it clean and went with a straight triple stitch around the edge .

Did you send any cards in May? Did you make the day of someone in your quilt world? If YOU made some cards in May, let me know! I would love to see pictures and of course we would like to include your miles in the 1 million mile challenge.

Finally, its time to announce June’s theme. June is a time when many people start their summer vacations so lets go with the theme “Hit the road, Jack”. Maybe its a destination, maybe its a landmark, maybe its landscape, maybe its a memory. The cards I make will once again be mailed from a mystery location so let me know if you want one.

Thanks for stopping by. Have a great creative week.

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3 Responses to May Reveal – A Salute to the Quilting Industry

  1. Marnie Houston says:

    Thanks for the inspiration and reminder to get cracking and working on my cards for May and June. Now that the weathers rainy and I can’t garden I can get cracking….LOL~

  2. Lori says:

    We received one of your postcards at the office. It’s wonderful. Thank you so much.

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