2017 Quilting Gallery





UFO’s that were carried over from 2016.

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    Lil’ Twister


    Lil’ Twister:  I started this quilt in August and it was sent out for some custom long arm quilting in the fall. It will be ready for pick-up in March. I am looking forward to finishing it and showing you the final product soon. DONE

  2. Three donation quilts. DONE
  3. Scrappy Log Cabin: This is almost as scrappy as I get. The pattern called for 80 different fabrics so I used almost everything I could find. Did it turn out? You will have to wait and see. DONE
  4. Nautical wall hanging: This was my first disastrous attempt at machine embroidery. Can it be rescued?
  5. The Pond:  This is my cancer quilt.  I decided to add some hand appliqued vines and leaves to the basic pattern.  It was the perfect project for the months I was confined to the living room sofa, but I have lost interest in it.  Maybe because it represents a dark time in my life. Maybe it’s because the colours are dark and not much fun to work with.  Maybe it’s because I don’t really like how its turning out.  Whatever the reason, I need a bolt of inspiration and motivation or it may stay on the WIP list forever.hexi block
  6. The Hexi Quilt:  This is the perfect travelling project.  It is nice, compact and I can just sit and sew one hexi after another.  So far it has gone on trips to Saskatchewan, Alberta, Florida, a Caribbean cruise and Barbados.  How many trips do I have to take before it is done?
  7. Finish Classwork – This list is getting shorter but there are still several classes I took with unfinished projects.  Do I want to?  Not sure, but I need to either finish or discard.  As long as they sit on the shelf, they discourage productivity. 2 DONE!

Additional Want-To List for 2017:

  • Red & white Canada 150 quilt
  • TransCanada Block Party quilt (maybe 2)
  • Red & White Canada mini-quilt
  • whole cloth quilt
  • watermark quilt
  • I spy quilt
  • sacred threads quilt
  • quilt with fabric from Malyasia
  • quilt with fabric from Singapore
  • mouse in a maize