Cruising with Purpose

Have you considered, or maybe wondered about a Quilting Cruise?

We arrived home – to snow, and temperatures below zero. That may be enough reason to go on a cruise. But there are so many more. Lets take a little break from Ruler Quilting so that you can come along with me on this Cruise. itinerary

There is just so much to cover that I will do it in 2 posts. This week I will comment day by day; next week, I will tell you about the classes I attended along with links, tips and descriptions.

Day 1 – approximately 75 quilters and 30 non-quilting spouses/partners gathered in the lounge to receive schedules, goodies, meet the teachers and hand in our ‘Life’s a Beach’ block. I showed you my block several weeks ago, but now to explain the thinking behind the block… Life's a Beach

Don’t cat’s have the easiest life of all? This cat (like the one at our house) certainly does. He – or She – has a fish-mobile and mice to play with. There is a rug to lay on and even a perfectly crumbled up old quilt to snuggle with. Most cats enjoy looking out the window, and this cat has a bird’s nest just on the other side to further entertain him.

Most of the other quilters took a far more literal approach to the topic, which you will see later.

Day 2 – This was a port day. No classes were scheduled but we spent a couple hours in the classroom for a Make-and-Take. The side benefit was that we learned how to use and get comfortable with these top-of-the-line Janome sewing machines. Make and Take

Day 3 – I had a FMQ class with Pat Delaney. More about that in my next post.

Dear Hubby had his own demo’s and workshops to attend on this cruise. There will probably be additional recipes posted in Ken’s Kitchen soon.

Day 4 – We arrived in Aruba at 1:00 pm.  Most days had some scheduled Open Sew time so on this day, I used the morning to finish my FMQ blocks from the day before. Open Sew time was really appreciated by many who just wanted to sew. Thanks, Scott & Sam for hanging out with us, keeping our machines serviced, changing feet and bobbins! Open Sew

Day 5 – Another port day. This time in the charming island of Curacao. I found the help of a pirate to address and mail quilted postcards to the grandsons. quilted postcards

All of the ‘Life’s a Beach’ blocks were hung. Feast your eyes. Would you be able to narrow it down to one?

Day 6 was a class day with Laura Wasilowski. More next week…

This was also a day where we gathered as a group for free drinks and appetizers. The teachers provided our entertainment as they were on the hot seat, answering all of our questions on any topic, panel style. 

Day 7 – We had an excursion to Panama City that included a 1 1/2 hr bus ride each way. The perfect time for some hand stitching. I was glad that I had brought Baltimore Christmas to work on. Baltimore Christmas

We visited old and new Panama. Old Panama (Panama Viejo) is a UNESCO world heritage site) dating back hundreds of years. So do these pins, needles and thimbles.

Day 8 – Holland America arranged an exclusive excursion for our group to meet with the Costa Rica Quilt Guild. What a highlight! Quilting is just one of those things that removes all barriers, and provides instant connections. This was the whole group.excursion quilters in Costa Rica

They were amazing hosts. We were all given a bag & pin cushion, with a snack of fresh fruit. There was a game with prizes and some entertainment… entertainment

The grand finale was a block exchange. Prior to the cruise we were given the option of making a block representing our country/province/state, and then doing an exchange with a member from their guild. block exchange

The Costa Rica Quilt Guild is very new and has around 100 members, scattered throughout the country. My new friend, Nancy, drove 4 hours just to meet with us! 

Day 9 – another class day, this time with Cindy Walter. More next week.

Day 10 – Our final day at sea was a full one. I went to Open Sew in order to finish a couple of class projects, but took a break in the middle to participate in a 5K Walk for a Cause. This is a walk Holland America does on every cruise as a fund raiser for Cancer Research. As a cancer survivor, this is personal. Participating is optional. So is walking. FYI, 9 laps = 5K.

There were teacher demo’s in the afternoon. Due to the length of this post, I will cover those next week.

Our final group event was another appetizer & drink party, along with Show & Tell and the announcement of the Challenge Block winners. So, here you go… The Winners!

This quilting cruise was put together by Quilt Seminars At Sea. They have a number coming up next year, and you can even make reservations for 2021. I highly recommend them. Thanks Amy, Cindy and Kim for a wonderful time!

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  1. Laurel says:

    Sounds like a lot of fun!
    Thanks for posting this, Judy.

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