Ruler Quilting 201 – Start Stitching

Starting can be scary.

But I had a plan, I had rulers, I had a sandwich I liked, and I had thread. Recently I attended a class where a teacher suggested using 7 threads – 3 matching the colours in your quilt, 2 variegated, and 2 entirely different. This was my line up. 201 threa

This week’s task was to stitch the square flower design that I showed you last week. This is what it ended up looking like on paper. RQ201 final paper copy

The center (1) was made using the 2 1/2″ circle, which is found in many beginner kits. Using the Magic Seam Marker (small red disk in the picture), I am able to duplicate the stitching line, which is 1/4″ in from the edge of the ruler. The circle stitches out to 2″. RQ201 flower circle

I used the 8 Point Crosshair ruler (Westalee) to mark and then stitch the center lines, with the longer ones along the seams. This was the only markings I made for the flower.201 cross-hair


The length of the Chevy ruler (Angela Walters) determined the length of the long petals. I used the reference lines on the ruler for the shape – starting with zero at the circle and going to the 3/4″ line at the end of the spoke (#2). RQ201 flower arm

The corner of the ruler formed the tip of the petal. RQ201 flower tip

For the shorter petals, I used the same technique but determined the length by the seam, and then marked the ruler to get them all the same length.

Stitching one row around was okay, but not very noticeable. 201 flower b

Another row of echo stitching was better, but still not enough. 201 flower c

I decided to vary it, so did another row of outline stitching 3/4″ away, and finished it off with an outline row 1/4″ away. Markings on the ruler helped keep things relatively consistent.201 flower d

Now I had lots of options. There were channels I could fill with squiggly lines or pebbles. There were inside and outside parts to the petals, and there was the center. All spaces in which to play.

My 201 option (ruler only) ended up looking like this: 201 flower f

The 201+ (ruler + FMQ) was: 201 flower e

I liked 201, but the jury is still out on 201+. Plan A is to continue and see what happens; Plan B is to cut it up and turn it into pillows. We will see where things takes us. In either case, this is a flower I intend to make again. There are just so many potential design options.

This flower would be easy for you to make, even if you don’t have any of the rulers that I used. Simply mark/stitch the circle and then use a straight ruler for the rest. It measures out at 15″ square. I think it would look lovely as the center motif on a pillow, and you could make it bigger with some straight line stitching around it. 

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8 Responses to Ruler Quilting 201 – Start Stitching

  1. Kathy Stephen says:

    I’ve been following your ruler work. I am learning something new each time. Thank you for such clear descriptions.

  2. Valerie says:

    Your designs are greatl, and I love your choice of threads. What weight do you use for top thread and what bobbin thread would you use?

    • Sorry for the delay, Valerie (just got back from holidays and we didn’t have WiFi). When it comes to thread, I use all different kinds. King Tut by Superior (size 14) is one of my favorites. Most of the decisions are made based on colour, weight and end use of the project. I try to match top and bottom whenever possible. It’s more work but worth the effort.

  3. Gail B says:

    Thanks for sharing. Added to my Design saves 🙂

  4. Sheryl says:

    I love the design! You are so skilled.

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