Ruler Quilting 201 – The Design Process

It started right. A large sheet of paper on the floor, with the blocks marked.

Do you have any idea what cats do with large sheets of paper? It goes something like this… 201 cat

The next step was to put the bed runner under a vinyl tablecloth and mark out designs on the tablecloth with washable markers. That was the picture I showed you last week. IMG_9276

Now, why did I think that would work? It could…if you were going to stitch it before the marks disappeared…if you didn’t need the table for anything until you were done…if you didn’t mind markers coming off on your hands, your rulers and everything else they came in contact with.

Next came a smaller, more manageable sheet of paper (to be used only when my assistant Sir Huxley was sleeping). I picked several rulers to use, as I get confused with too many options. 201-rulers-scaled-2560-e1572572319128-scaled-2560.jpegThis time I was going to do a repeat- drawing out the basic concept of one section but giving myself permission to reverse, resize and revise motifs for variety in other sections.

It made sense to start with the larger design elements. The Chevy ruler from Creative Grids (#1) has been in my collection for awhile but I have been at a loss as to what to use it for that a normal straight ruler couldn’t do. This time I was determined to use it, and I come up with this straight-line flower that I quite liked. 201 pattern

Drawing it on paper first really helped visualize the design. For the real thing I would make just a few minor adjustments so that the seam lines wouldn’t compete with the edges of the flower.

Next week we will start stitching. I really liked it before it was quilted. Would I like it after?


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3 Responses to Ruler Quilting 201 – The Design Process

  1. Sheryl says:

    It looks like your cat was having fun with the paper. It’s really interesting to see how you draw the design out on paper.

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