Verb Command Prompts

I am in need of a little breather, so for the next few weeks we will have posts that are lighter in nature.

This time around, I am sharing a list of Verb Command Prompts. They are simple phrases used as inspiration in art and design, but can also be applied to your quilting projects. These may be handy as a starting point for a new project.  On the other hand, one of the prompts may be the perfect solution if you have a project you are struggling with.

  • Make it bigger
  • Make it smaller
  • Make it tiny
  • Make it BIG
  • Make it round
  • Make it square
  • Elongate it
  • Simplify it
  • Make it shorter
  • Make it longer
  • Make it shorter
  • Make it heavier
  • Make it lighter
  • Make it sparkle
  • Make it light up
  • Enclose it
  • Fill it up
  • Empty it
  • Coil it
  • Twist it
  • Combine it
  • Make it glow
  • Open it
  • Turn it upside down
  • Lay it on its side
  • Stretch it
  • Shrink it
  • Change its colour
  • Refine it
  • Eliminate parts of it
  • Distort it
  • Use repetition
  • Make it two or three dimensional
  • Change the shape
  • Change a part of it
  • Make it part of a set
  • Mechanize it
  • Electrify it
  • Make it move
  • Reverse it
  • Make it look like something else
  • Rotate it
  • Make it part of something else
  • Repeat it
  • Turn it inside out
  • Give it texture
  • Make it revolve
  • Make it stronger
  • Make it fragile
  • Make it durable
  • Use symbolism
  • Be unrealistic
  • Contain it
  • Make it cooler
  • Make it hotter
  • Add ingredients
  • Twist it
  • Make it transparent
  • Make it opaque
  • Glamorize it
  • Use another material
  • Add human interest
  • Make it compact
  • Miniaturize it
  • Make it collapsible
  • Go to extremes
  • Summarize it
  • Make it shine
  • Make it grow
  • Split it
  • Make it darker
  • Exaggerate it
  • Subtract it
  • Add it
  • Divide it
  • Use the obvious
  • Lower it
  • Raise it
  • Isolate it
  • Condense it
  • Bend it
  • Match it
  • Suspend it
  • Make it stand upright
  • Make it lie flat
  • Concentrate it
  • Make it symmetrical
  • Make it asymmetrical
  • Sharpen it
  • Depress it
  • Spread it out
  • Solidify it
  • Liquefy it
  • Soften it
  • Harden it
  • Make it narrow
  • Make it wider
  • Make it funny or silly
  • Make it fly
  • Squash it
  • Flatten it
  • Fold it
  • Unfold it
  • Extend it
  • Make it uncomfortable
  • Use a different texture
  • Make it slapstick
  • Extrude it

I do wish I could tell you who compiled the list, but I can’t. All I can tell you is that it has been on my phone since March 2017 and I get inspired every time I read it. One of those things you just can’t delete.


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4 Responses to Verb Command Prompts

  1. thank you for sharing the list of things to try

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