The very basics – Curved Ruler Quilting

This week we continue Ruler Guided quilting exercises for the Arc Ruler. This is geared towards anyone who is just starting, or interested in exploring ruler guided quilting.

Here are the four exercises I will cover:

Once again, I would recommend at least 2 Arc rulers for your toolkit – a large and small one. The large one will give you a nice smooth line over a large block but the arc is gradual so you will not see it on a small block. The small one works well in small areas but you would need to pivot too often on a large block which makes it difficult to get a nice smooth line. I also prefer rulers that have the same arc on the outer and inner edges.

You will need four 10″ sandwiched squares and contrasting thread.

Square #1: The Orbit exercise is very simple, intended just to get the feel of free motion quilting around a curved edge. Draw your square 1/2″ bigger than your ruler. Place your ruler along one edge, leaving 1/4″ on either side.

Stitch corner to corner; then repeat for all four sides. Use your small ruler or spacer to get an accurate positions and get right into the corner.

Square #2: The Curved Diamond exercise requires a 6″ square. Mark the center of each line. Then stitch from point to point to point all the way around.

For the second row of stitching line the ruler up with your previous row of stitching at the mid-point of each line so that your stitching will be 1/4″ away in the center. Then pivot the ruler and stitch back to the same spot on the outside as the previous row.

Square #3: For the Flower exercise, practice using the inside curve of your ruler. Stitch the 6″ square starting anywhere along one of the lines instead of a corner. Once you get back to where you started you are ready to begin the partial flower.

This block is pretty free-form. Make as many petals as you want and as long as you want them. There is no need to match lines or reference points, just always come back to the center point of the flower. 

Square #4: The Four Petal Crosshatch looks much more difficult than it is. After stitching your 6″ square, start at the center to make the four petals. Stitch along the arc of your quilting ruler to one corner, back to the center, up to the opposite corner and back to center. Do the same for the other two petals.

To complete the cross-hatch sections, travel from the center out along one of the petals using the ruler foot to determine the 1/4″. Line up the edge of your quilting ruler along the stitching line of the petal. Now your stitching will be 1/4″ away. Fill the section with curved stitching one way, and then the other, traveling the short distances needed. Repeat for all four sections.

This is just a taste of what is possible with the Arc Ruler. Keep an eye out for designs you like. I can guarantee that you will find many, and it will become one of your favorite rulers.


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6 Responses to The very basics – Curved Ruler Quilting

  1. Laurel says:

    I LOVE your series on rulers, Judy. These will definitely be a reference for me if I ever get to that stage of quilting!

    Thank you!

  2. thank you for this tutorial

  3. Merridy Robb says:

    I really understand your instructions. Do you have or you be writing a instructional book on ruler work with several different rulers?

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