Tempus Fugit & the Perfect Form Collage

It seems like summer did a Vanishing Act. Most of my quilting projects did not.  Neither did the cleaning (ugh!) or yardwork I was going to accomplish over the summer.

Now, here it is – another new and exciting season! Welcome back to those who have been with me for awhile, and a special welcome to the dozens of new people that subscribed to my Blog over the summer. In spite of my helter-skelter approach to quilting, I hope that you will stick with me and be inspired to try something new in this wonderful world of quilting.

My update of the last two months will take several weeks. On top of that, I am having some technical difficulties. It seems some things have changed since I last used this site. Don’t you just hate being your own IT support?…

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My biggest exciting news is that I got published!  So what that it was small. So what that they got it upside down. Ha! Still … a picture of a 4×6″ PFA (Postcard Fabric Art) in the August/September issue of Quilting Arts is very exciting.

The Reader Challenge was in honour of the 100th issue, the theme being Tempus Fugit – Latin for Time Flies. I submitted the PFA so long ago I had forgotten about it.

Here is my card.

Tempus Fugit

I did not think it was particularly good, but I had given it a lot of thought – which they did not ask for. Can I share it with you?

It started with my stash of botanically dyed fabrics from several years ago. You may recall the batches of berries, branches, herbs and spices that I picked, cooked and labeled. The colours are not vibrant but I used those fabrics because of the contrasting textures I had to work with. I used wool (tree), linen (background), cotton (squares) and cheesecloth (foreground) dyed in Juniper berries, coffee, wild pincherries, echinacea and mustard powder.

Starting with the background, I stitched lines to illustrated wind, movement, the passing of time. The roots of the tree illustrated historical events that affect us today. Most of the roots are covered since the impact of the past on the present is not always obvious. The squares are dates on a calendar, again representing the passage of time. Some are gone (on the ground), some we can look forward to (in the sky), and some are now. There is only one square with an X. That is today.

Enough philosophy!

As for my on-going projects, Amazon Star is still with the Long Armer so there is nothing new to report there.

The Circle Game, on the other hand, is at the hand quilting stage. After almost two years of hand piecing, applique, and big stitch embroidery, this is very exciting! It’s also a first. The much revered ‘rocking stitch’ seems to elude me so the ‘stab method’ will have to do. I am also really enjoying the floor frame I found on Kijiji. CG ready to quilt

In the middle of large, long-term projects, I get the urge to FINISH something – you know, that check mark on the ‘done’ list. The Perfect Form collage by Laura Heine has been calling my name for sometime. Maybe it was time to start?

It wasn’t totally stress free. In fact, I really struggled with the fabrics that were provided in the kit. Collage1

I just had to put my own spin on it. It called for hundreds of flowers – not what I have much of in my stash. The Aboriginal Australian fabrics would have to do. As a result my dress form has many strange animals on it. Lizards. Turtles. Star Fish. Seahorse. Even a tiger.I used a black cotton base, leaving some areas uncovered. And to top it off – some glitz. If you are going to play, you have to go all the way.



Gloria will find a home in my sewing studio.


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4 Responses to Tempus Fugit & the Perfect Form Collage

  1. Laurel says:

    Congratulations on your Quilting Arts publication!!! I just can’t understand what they were thinking when it was published upside down!

    Gloria is glorious!

  2. Katr says:

    Congratulations on getting published. In Quilting Arts is a big deal. I do think it looks better, right side up.

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