Cats & Kids

Twelve days with the grandchildren and I am just catching up. It was (almost) all fun and games.

Both weekends were spent at the cottage and at the last minute I decided to throw together a quickie quilt. I have one child’s quilt out there (made when the oldest was little) but I have 2 grandsons. It was high time to make another. cats4

If pictures on FB are any indication, most quilters have a more than adequate stash. I have a half decent one at home but obviously not at the lake, although it sometimes becomes difficult to remember what you left out there in the fall. It was only our third time out. The most important things go first – food, water, and other necessities like my sewing machine. I just hadn’t planned the fabric.

Scrounging in my various hiding places did not reveal much. A fleece throw that I could use for backing. A few panels, most of which were too juvenile. Some small scraps and strips left over from other projects. It was quite the mixture. In the end, I had enough for a small quilt, but could not make it even 2″ wider or longer. It was pieced, spray basted and tacked down before the boys came and I thought I could finish it while the boys were in school/daycare.

That didn’t happen. My grandson insisted on using it even though it wasn’t finished. cats1

When he wasn’t using it, our cat Huxley laid claim. cats2

Speaking of Huxley, he has been setting fashion trends in the animal world for the last year by wearing a variety of accessories around his neck (wounds that wouldn’t heal).


Huxley, AKA Socksley

So, when I made a few stuffed cats as gifts, they also had to have bandanas.

And when the boys came, their stuffies needed bandannas, AND sleeping bags.


Stuffies are camping

The quickie, scrapy cottage quilt is not award winning by any standards, but considering what I had to work with, I am pretty pleased with it.


Monster quilt, front

I have found that a variety of materials can be used in the same quilt as long as the quilting is consistent and fairly close together. In this case I did just a little FMQ and then used my favorite ruler for some ruler-guided quilting. The back (in black & white) might show the quilting better.


Monster quilt, back

I promised my Grandson the quilt would be done by his next visit. It is. But July 1st should be too hot for fleece and flannel. Or, at least I hope it will be.

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8 Responses to Cats & Kids

  1. Jacqui VMS says:

    Awesome! Great job on the quilt…amazing what we quilters can come up with in a pinch eh? And, love the sleeping bags for the boys’ stuffies…I’ve had to make those too. And, every time the two grandboys (7 and 9) come, they choose more I spy squares and put them in baggies for the next stuffie at home that “needs” a quilt LOL! Fun times and memories! Love the kitties too!

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    Hi Judy, unfortunately I’m not able to see any photos this time. Is there t just me?

    Marnie Sent from my iPad


  3. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    Great job Judy. I am going to try ruler quilting. Any suggestions on what ruler to start with? Do I have to have a special foot for my machine? Cute cats and sleeping bags.

    • My next few posts will be about Ruler Quilting. The most versatile rulers are straight and arc rulers. I would recommend you start with a small and large of each. For the straight, go with a 6″ and 12/13″. Markings are really important. Look for rulers that have lots of parallel, perpendicular, 45 and 90 degree lines. You really do need a ruler foot. Get one that is compatable with your machine. Also, make sure the thickness of the rulers are appropriate for your machine (1/4″ thick rulers work on most machines).

  4. Laurel says:


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