Quilting Overload

Quilters are like golfers. A little rain can’t stop us. It was Friday, and there was another Quilt Show to attend – The Barnswallow Quilt Show in the rural community of Morden.

I wasn’t the only one up bright and early to drive the hour+ in order to get there close to opening time. Time, and a turn west made it feel like I was in the banana belt. The sun came out and temperatures doubled.

When going to Morden a person just has to stop at The Quilter’s Den. For our convenience, The Quilter’s Den opened early so we could hit it before going on to the quilt show.

I will talk about my purchase there a little later.

The Quilt Show itself is always very well done. Because this is such a long post, I will give you only two – a large and a small quilt. Visit their website if you want to see more.

Crown of Thornes

made and quilted by Evelyn Hoepner

Create II

made and quilted by Barb Westfall inspired by a birthday card

A drive to Morden wouldn’t be complete without stopping at another quilt store along the way- Road 17 North. road 17

I have a weakness for Fat Quarters and ended up with a bundle of blue and red. Some day these will be turned into a log cabin quilt.  I love the history of the Log Cabin quilt, with the red center square indicating the warm welcome of a fire inside. Log cabin fabric

Saturday was International Guild Day. For 30 years our guild has teemed up with our Sister Guild, the North Star Quilters from Grand Forks, North Dakota for a morning of shopping (local vendors), Show and Tell, and listening to a speaker. This year it was our turn to host and one of the men in our guild (we have two) shared the stories behind about 40 of his quilts. Great job, Fred!

I bought a few more fat quarters, Tula Pink this time. They have already been cut and made into a stuffie (Can’t show you until it is gifted) with a pattern I purchased in Morden.

  tula pink

My quilt, Amazon Star, made its way south of the border with our guests from Grand Forks, where it will be quilted. Another reason to go south of the border later this year. I spent last week, including a day at Crescentwood’s mini-retreat piecing the back for Amazon Star to make it big enough for the quilt. For those at the retreat (and anyone else interested) I am taking the liberty of adding this recipe for Chocolate Squares to Ken’s Kitchen along with his recipe for blueberry cobbler. 

The Modern Quilt Guild of Winnipeg brought Libs Elliot in last week. I did not attend any of the workshops, but did attend her Trunk Show.

Libs has designed fabric for Andover Fabrics and I have seen her line called Tattooed North in stores for awhile. Without a purpose it was fairly easy to resist, but then I heard more about it. Libs has a cottage north of Toronto, which was the source of inspiration for this line – rocks, ripples, stars, pine needles… spiders. I could relate to it all, especially the story of her children being afraid of spiders in the outhouse (been there, done that!). Knowing the fabric line was sold out, I had to buy a selection when I saw it in Morden. Tattooed North

A local quilt shop also brought in Sue Patten this week. I attended one workshop, and her Trunk Show. She is very well known for her thread work – just a couple pics:

She also gave us permission to video tape and share an easy method of securing your bobbin thread and bringing them to the top. This avoids having a mess on the back of your quilt, and you don’t have any threads to bury. Unfortunately, I was unable to transfer the video to the blog, but she said it was on U Tube. I encourage you to look for it.

Those are the highlights of my last week. Is there such a thing as quilting overload? If there is, I just went through it. Everything always seem to happen all at once.

The extra hours of daylight, birds building their nest, and children starting their spring league activities remind me warmer days will soon be here and with it, lots of extra work. I should have a ‘Finished!” to tell you about next week but otherwise, my quilting activities will just have to slow down now that spring has come.

Happy quilting…


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6 Responses to Quilting Overload

  1. Kathy Stephen says:

    You have been a busy quilter. Tis the season

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    Great article. Thanks for the highlights of the shows. I did look for the Sue Patten video on thread ends but couldn’t see it in her many video listings on u tube. Let me know if anyone finds it.

  3. thank you for sharing these lovely photos

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