Wallets and more wallets

Last weekend I taught a wallet class.

The participants all seemed to be happy that they were actually taking a finished product home. The black and silver cork was a favorite with students, and its easy to see why. It is so striking. The hardware on one is silver and on the other it is gun metal.wallet5

Each wallet was so different, especially on the inside. wallet4

This would be the one to take to a party, with glittery vinyl on the outside, bottles of wine on the inside, and copper hardware.


The natural cork with rainbow confetti was also a favorite and the options when you use fabric is endless. Just look at the squirrels on this one. Unfortunately, I missed getting an interior shot of these. wallet6

This is the pattern for the Diva Frame Wallet and was designed by Jessica VanDenburgh. The pattern and hardware can be ordered from Sew Many Creations, or may be available at your local quilt shop. Some alterations may be required if using cork.

It will be a short post this time around. I am now preparing for a class on Designing for Ruler Guided Quilting that I am teaching next weekend. Needless to say, what I do in the quilting world ends up here so if Ruler Guided Quilting interests you, then keep a watch for related posts in the near future.

Now that its Easter, you may still be looking for a last minute recipe that isn’t ham or turkey. You are in luck. Ken’s Kitchen sent a couple chicken recipes for you to choose from. georgian chicken under brick or Slashed Chicken.

Have a great weekend. Hope it is a special one for you.


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4 Responses to Wallets and more wallets

  1. Ann Hillman Lamy says:

    These lovely wallets are a real treat to behold, Judy. I do believe I recall seeing a previous post of yours with them? Not sure if this is your own pattern or one that can be purchased elsewhere. Seems it would be a lovely gift to make someone special. And Happy Easter to you! =) ❤ xo

  2. Kate says:

    I made a wallet like that, though a different pattern. They are quick and fun. I have the hardware to make two more.
    Glad your class went well.

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