Amazon Star, A Sneak Peek

Drum roll, please!….

Somewhat premature since it still needs to be quilted, but you persevered with me through the doubts and decisions so you deserve a sneak peak.  The original pattern vs my reiteration.

You saw each bag as I made them. They were joined to make the following sections:

Center, Amazon Star Center

sides Sides 

corners Corners

I love the muted spikes but those orange stripes I was fretting about a couple weeks ago still bother me. They should blend with their neighboring blue fabrics into points of the star, instead of being stripes. I have considered adding just a little Inktense* to make them blend. Here is a sample of what it might turn into.

Do you think it is worth the risk? Feel free to vote yea or nay.

My independent review of Judy Neimeyer’s Amazon Star pattern:

I loved, loved, loved how organized everything in this pattern was. From buying and cutting the fabric, organizing the paper pieces, including the color chart, and sewing the sections, they could not have made things any easier. I was always working with small manageable sections until the very end when I was joining them together.

There was enough complexity in the pattern to challenge me and enough variety to keep it interesting. No sewing 500 HSTs or sewing a million strips! I usually only had to make 8 of any one item – just enough duplication to gain speed and accuracy. If there was a particular section I didn’t like, I knew I only had to make 8. I was never bored. The quilt top was finished with a speed that surprised me.

Paper-piecing = piece of cake. Almost. I was thrilled with the results of paper-piecing until I got to the Y seams at the end (only 8 – ha!). There they failed me. I got much better results once the paper was removed. (Yes, I did those seams more than once.)

It is hard for me to say anything negative about this pattern except for the cost (20 meters of fabric for the front; 10 for the back & binding); it is probably the best pattern I have ever made. 80% of it was very easy.

If you have ever wanted to make a Judy Neimeyer quilt, don’t be intimidated. Go for it! The results are worth it.

*Inktense are watersoluble ink blocks or pencils that become permanent when dry.

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Creator of all things quilted; minimalist in everything except fabric!
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20 Responses to Amazon Star, A Sneak Peek

  1. Noella says:

    No inktense, it’s beautiful as is.

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    I think once you have the whole thing together it will look fabulous just the way it is. Don’t use the ink paints just leave the way it is, it makes the star section stand beyond the middle and looks great!

    Marnie Sent from my iPad


  3. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    Beautiful Judy. I love all the colour. You did an amazing job.

  4. Marnie Houston says:

    I also forgot to say, that although the instructions look easy, you out it together very quickl. But her patterns look so intimidating. And those Y seams can’t be easy either. Can’t wait to see it all done.

    Marnie Sent from my iPad


    • It was very fast and very easy – for the most part. I found matching angled seams in the Gravity quilt more of a challenge than this one. The paper really does help a lot. The Y seams weren’t the best but I managed on the 2nd try, so I think you could to.

  5. vivian383 says:

    What a gorgeous quilt, you did a fantastic job! I love the colors, please don’t use the Inktense. I think that the orange and yellow highlight the centre star.

  6. Jacqui VMS says:

    I would just leave it too! I can see what you mean, but I think the orange will grow on you and I would be scared to ruin it LOL. I love it personally, but I’m a bright colour fan LOL. That is a LOT of fabric for the top for sure! But, results are spectacular. Those y seams get easier and easier…and I agree…remove the paper first and then it’s much better :-).

  7. Kate says:

    I love the results. Don’t mess with it. It is good to work outside your comfort zone.

  8. Laurel says:

    Judy, in your March 24 post (, you were apprehensive about the orange pieces. How do you feel about them now that the top is complete?

    Your colour choices have added significant dimension to your quilt, SO much more dimension than the photo on the pattern.

    I would never have purchased the Amazon Star pattern based on the image printed on the pattern. Seeing what you have done makes me think I might use the pattern some day.

    Thank you for sharing!

    • How do I feel? Overall quite pleased. If those orange strips were blended, the result would be a star that looks very uniform and balanced. My star has two sets of points, almost like a star with fireworks. As others have suggested, I do think they will grow on me.
      I do like the fact that the spikes around the border are muted so that they are not competing with the star for your attention. The star is definitely the focal point. Also, I did not like the saw-tooth ring running mid-point through the star. The darker fabrics help to hide them. Thanks for making me think that through.

  9. Ann Lamy says:

    Kudos to your completion, Judy – she’s a real beauty! More than I wish to tackle . . . but loved the journey with you at the sewing helm!!! xo

  10. Oh this is so beautiful the way it is. I’m so impressed with your sewing skills to create this piece.

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