Amazon Star, Bags #5-10

Bag #5: This is more like it. Dark and calm. sawtooth strip

Bag #6: This is the last of the orange and red. From here on in its all blue. bag6

Bag #7: Its hard to believe I’m already starting the border. Not loving it so far. bag7

Bag #8: More borders. The original pattern had contrasting fabric for the spikes but I wanted to tone it down. In this case the star will be the focal point; the spikes will be far more subtle. bag 8

Bag #9: I was glad there were only 8 of these to make. It was a little bit of a monster for paper piecing, but I’m starting to love these spikes. Isn’t it funny how you like some fabrics grow on you work and others don’t? As I was stitching, the song ‘Moody Manitoba Morning’ came to mind.bag9

Bag #10: No real work with Bag #10. These are simply background pieces that will be used in the final assembly. bag10

That’s it! This week the task will be to sew the sections together and remove the paper.

About Judy's Quilting Studio

Creator of all things quilted; minimalist in everything except fabric!
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6 Responses to Amazon Star, Bags #5-10

  1. Marnie Houston says:

    Wow, your just zooming through all these pieces, good for you! I might need some tips. When I tackle a Judy Neiymeyer.

    Marnie Sent from my iPad


  2. Kate says:

    I am enjoying your project. I just sit jere, knitting away., And admire your work.

  3. Laurel says:

    I am loving your border (bag #7), Judy. I hope you come to love it too. Anxiously awaiting your next post!

    • I am always amazed st how fabrics change as you work with them. They look one way when they are whole, another when cut, and another when sewn and put together. One day you love them and another day you hate them. One of the unpredictable beauties of quilting.

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