Amazon Star Starts Shining

Monday was going to be THE day. I was going to start my BIG quilt. I could hardly wait! (In case you missed it, see Blue Monday for background)

The grandchildren were over Saturday. As they were outside playing in the snow, I wondered if it was too early to set up for Monday. I decided not.

For large quilts I like to set up on the dining room table. With more room and tons of natural light, its the perfect space to sew – especially in the winter when the sun is shining or the snow is falling. I can look outside, but feel cozy inside.

Decisions on which thread and which sewing machine to use were made. Bobbins, scissors, cutting mat, rulers, and rotary cutters were gathered. The 10 bags of cut fabric were retrieved. All set. cutting

Maybe I should read the instructions. They are long and complex. I have only made one paper-pieced quilt and it was a log cabin. Hardly qualifies, right? Reading instruction would be good.

Judy Niemeyer says the key to success is being organized. Yes, I could do that too, so I find all ‘Unit A’ pieces and cut them out. Unit A corresponds with Bag #1. Of course I have to open Bag #1 and line the fabrics up in the order that they will be used.

Now what? Dinner is over. The grandchildren are gone. Should I try one ‘Unit A’ piece? Just to make sure I understand the instructions?

That wasn’t hard. Maybe I’ll make another, and another, and another…

So, Monday isn’t even here yet, and Bag #1 is done. bag 1


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8 Responses to Amazon Star Starts Shining

  1. tanisclayton says:

    Love your choice of colors…can’t wait to see the quilt in its entirety.

  2. vivian383 says:

    This is going well! I’m looking forward to seeing your progress on this quilt.

  3. Ann Hillman Lamy says:

    STRIKING! Has loads of POW effect from the beautiful colors you’ve chosen, Judy. What size will it be when finished?

  4. Laurel says:

    Oh. My. Your colours are simply gorgeous! By the looks of what you’ve done with “Bag 1”, this may be in my top 5 favourites of yours. 🙂

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