Postcard Journaling

It’s scary to head into something without direction. It’s also liberating and just a little exciting. More so when things turn out better than expected; less so when they don’t.

Here was the plan: a few days in Long Beach CA, a few days in Avalon (Catalina Island), and a cruise with port days in Cabo San Lucas, Mazatlan and Puerto Vallarta. I was going to find a source of inspiration  and complete a Postcard Fabric Art (PFA) for each location. In preparation, I completed a number of backs ahead of time.

You can see that the backs were done and wrapped around to the front for a finished edge. I use double sided adhesive Flexi-Firm (a Pellon product) so once the fronts were done I trimmed and ironed them down for the center to adhere. Then I simply whip stitched the raw edges.

In addition to front fabrics slightly larger than 4″ x 6″, my supplies were limited to a box of Inktense blocks, sharp pens, and thread. The designs would have to be kept simple. kit

The inspiration for my postcard of Long Beach was this symbol of a fish, located outside the Aquarium of the Pacific. long beach1

I coloured the background, drew the fish, ironed fusible fleece to the back and then stitched it. Fairly easy.

Catalina Island was more of a challenge. Inspiration was everywhere. The biggest problem was deciding what to do. One morning I went out with my Inktense blocks to transfer some textures by rubbing the blocks over the fabric – wood floorboards, bricks and dividers.

I started two postcards. The first used the texture of the wood, which I decided (after the fact) to use for this planter that I saw hanging on the wall of a house. I got as far as the embroidery of the plants before I threw the whole thing out. A little more research on how to use Inktense is required

The second card wasn’t much better, but I kept it. The red was transferred from a brick. Then I decided to make the fountain that was in the center of the Pedestrian walkway but of course, it was too big. I wanted to feature the tile work but couldn’t work in the fine detail that was required, and my scale was all wrong. Nevertheless, here is my Catalina postcard. I even found a wood sticker to put on it. 

With 3 ports in 3 days, my plans for Mexico were too ambitious. In the end, Mexico got one card, so let me tell you about it.

With the homing device most quilters have embedded within, we were barely off the ship when I saw an advertisement for a Quilt Store. Fortunately, it is located along the Blue Line (walking path to Old Mazatlan) and we made it our first stop. mazatlan1

I also have a weakness for thread so when I saw some unusual thread in the clearance bin, I just had to buy it. A punch needle came with it. Never mind that the instructions were all in Spanish and I actually have punch needles that I purchased in the 80’s (never used). mazatlan3

Thank goodness for U Tube videos that I was able to watch once I got home. The pattern was part of the kit. It was stamped on the back of the fabric and the perfect size for a postcard. mazatlan

This was fun and didn’t take long to make. I think I will try this again on future projects.

The back of the cards give details about each place, things we did, and the people we were with. journal notes

My trip journal.


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8 Responses to Postcard Journaling

  1. tanisclayton says:

    I love your idea of fabric postcards!
    Do you actually mail them?

  2. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    I love all your postcards. What a great way to remember your trip. I also have punch needles I purchased years ago (and never did use.) Great idea to look at u tube. Sounds like a wonderful vacation.

    • In the past I made postcards ahead of time and mailed them from different locations. It was fun finding the local Post Office and seeing their stamps. This was a different way of remembering the various locations. Not sure yet which method I prefer.

  3. Kate says:

    The vacation sounds lovely, and your cards are such fun. Thanks for sharing them.

  4. Ann Hillman Lamy says:

    Oh course I enjoyed this wonderful post of yours, Judy. Great inspiration for us the reader and much joy in both seeing your creative thinking and PFA creations from it! Your use of the fish bicycle rack as a springboard for your fishy is a great example of how we can use so many things around us as inspiration for our own art! Difficult to pick a favorite as each one is so different from the other . . . . but I think I’d have to go with the Mexican water fountain. LOVE seeing you make journal notes on the backs . . . and belated Happy Anniversary!!! ~ smiles

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