One off, One on

Have you ever noticed that when your only goal is to complete a project everything goes wrong?

Your machine acts up. The threads skip. Lines aren’t straight. You get ripples. The backing puckers, or edges get folded into your stitching.

Connections had to come off the spreadsheet to make room for Amazon Star.

Amazon Star has been nicely tucked into 10 little bags. cutting

There is also a bag of scraps (just in case I make a mistake). Whatever is left at the end of the project may be used for a pieced back, or may find its way into my scrap supply. Small scraps have already been made into pre-cuts, and anything smaller than 1″ (ridiculous, I know!) is in a bag, just in case I ever want to do anything with fabric confetti. If I get into spring cleaning mode, it just may end up being donated for doggie bed stuffing.

Connections, on the other hand, has been on the spreadsheet since a quilting cruise in the fall of 2016. It was in the quilting que – with 11 projects ahead of it. Working through them one-by-one was suppose to improve my quilting skills. At least that is what I had hoped. This piece was small and should not have been a problem.

DIY construction

Pattern ‘Connected’ by Carol Moellers

But it was. I will not bore you with details. Lets just say it had to do with my piecing of triangles and my straight line quilting which was not very straight. But its done, and turned out not too bad, considering. I am calling it DIY Construction.

With one added to the list, and one coming off the list, it was on to the next step of the Circle Game. The borders are prepped and ready for applique. borders

They will be coming on holidays with me, moving the hours spent in airports or on planes from tolerable to enjoyable.



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6 Responses to One off, One on

  1. naturalgrrl says:

    Both quilts you’ve shown – Connections (finished) and Circle Game (in progress) – are gorgeous! We all encounter challenges along the way, but that’s part of what keeps it interesting, don’t you think? Thanks for sharing your ups + downs!

  2. Laurel says:

    I think quilting is much like golf. You practice and practice, and upgrade your equipment as you perfect your skills, but still can have stretches when nothing goes right.

    As usual, Judy, your pieces are beautiful. Whst colour!

  3. tanisclayton says:

    The Connected piece is stunning. Thanks for sharing your journey with us. I really should follow your lead and write down the list of projects I have started and want to tackle…as I attempt to declutter my creative brain.
    Where will your next holiday take you?

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