QOTB Virtual Trunk Show

Over 100 ladies of our local guild braved cold temperatures in the -30C range to see my Quilting on the Beach Trunk Show. It was such an honour to present these finished pieces to them, and now to you.

For this virtual trunk show, I thought a background of snow might be good for contrast. If nothing else, it sure reminded me of why quilting on the beach in February was a good idea! Actually doing an outdoor photo shoot in January is rather challenging. Maybe I will tell you more about that later.

One week of classes, one year of quilting. Here are the results. The classes were all described in detail last year, so I will simply link to those posts in case you want to read more about them.

Leaf Design  – My Manitoba Maple almost didn’t happen. I had to start back at square one as it had to be simplified and enlarged. This is my first start and finish of 2019. I’m glad I didn’t give up. It’s the only leaf of its kind in this forest; definitely an original. qotb6

Seminole Piecing – One pillowcase finished, gave up on the second one. I will keep the book that came in our kit and may (?) attempt this again sometime in the future. qotb&

Hawaiian Applique – I finished my original piece and then decided to try my hand at designing a similar block. Came up with “The Mighty Oak”, thinking it could be the center block of a large quilt. Not happening anytime soon…


Ginger pattern by Barbara Bieraugel

The Mighty Oak

Indigo Dyeing – Maybe it’s a good thing we have winter and this can’t be a year-around activity. I could go on experimenting forever. Knowing what to do with all of the dyed fabric is another thing. Here are a few of the things I made. It also makes wonderful ‘sky’ fabric on landscapes, and you may recognize it from my Advent piece.


Quilt with blocks from class


Mini Indigo (thanks Alysse!)

And then, fabric that was going to be a pillow became a bag…

Shop Hop:

There is something wrong with this 2018 Big Island Shop Hop Stained Glass panel. Its that a snowscape and ocean scene don’t go together. Well actually, its that I got the pattern reversed (but I’m okay with that). qotb2

The next one is a very simple piece that I consider part of my QOTB collection because I bought the fabric there and the colours just seem so happy and tropical. qotb4

This last piece is called Dance of the Dragonfly, a pattern I bought because Dear Hubby liked it. He continues to be such a good sport in supporting my hobby (obsession?) that I just had to make it for him. It is now my favorite piece as well. qotb1

A Winter Photo Shoot

It took the better part of a week to actually get all of these pictures. It went something like this…

…Wait days for it to ‘warm’ up (-20 sounded good). Then I grabbed several quilts and walked down a path looking for some good props. I managed to get one picture before my phone froze.

…The next day was cloudy with snow on the way. Oh, and a little windy. My quilts did not want to stay put. However, I found that putting the phone next to the skin (isn’t that what a bra is for?) kept it warm enough. My fingers weren’t.

…Another day the weather conditions were as perfect as they could get but I had another obligation that lasted until 4:00. By the time I got to the park, the sun was setting and there wasn’t enough light. Whether it was temperatures, wind, lighting or snow, things just changed too fast and the conditions were never optimum.

…By now I was determined to get it done. I found locations close to the car so that I could keep the car running. That way I could return to the car between each picture to change the contraption of pins/elastics on the quilts, and warm my hands. Took awhile but I finally figured out how to work faster and smarter.

That’s it for my QOTB 2018 experience. Next week is QOTB 2019. Thinking of you and wishing you another successful year!

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8 Responses to QOTB Virtual Trunk Show

  1. tanisclayton says:

    Your work is beautiful and certainly more impressive when one can see the masterpieces close up to better appreciate the fabric choices and quilting artistry. The winter background makes for a great contrast, in so many ways. Thanks for continuing to inspire us.

  2. Lesley Thompson says:

    They are all amazing Judy. Absolutely beautiful. The dragonflies are my favourite too.

  3. Laurel says:

    Such a beautiful collection, Judy!

    My, your Manitoba Maple and Dance of the Dragonfly are striking.

  4. Yvonne says:

    Lol…only a true Manitobian would consider a photo shoot in the dead of January! As usual your quilts are fun, creative and beautiful. As I missed the trunk show I really appreciate this post…keep warm friend!

  5. Audrey says:

    Wonderful projects! Love them all especially the Hawaiian projects!

    • Thanks! If you (or anyone else) ever want to stitch out ‘The Mighty Oak’ just let me know and I will give you the pattern free. It’s large (about 20″ square), intended for a center motif. It’s not a professional pattern, but it is original. I would also work out a border motif to coordinate with it.

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