Advent, Part 1

After two weeks of Advent, here is a sneak peak of my Inspirational Improv piece so far…


It started with a piece of Indigo fabric dyed in the summer, with Advent in mind. The circles representing the candles were hand stitched and gathered prior to dyeing. advent7

Three of the candles were stitched purple and one was stitched pink. These are the traditional Advent candle colours representing hope, peace, joy and love. The center Christ candle is white, representing the light of the world. The white reference lines are chalk. I had to dye the fabric with full circles, but wanted the candles to have an incomplete feel, like the continuation of time.

Once my structure was in place, I started to add the elements according to readings and songs. Some are more specific, and other are over arching. The ‘Light’ extends to the four corners;  the Branch of David is stitched around the entire piece, without end; and, Peace, joy, hope and love were stitched into the borders of the candles for each specific weekadvent5

We ‘Come, Cry, Watch, Wait’ was stitched into the intersecting circles of the 4 weeks. Later, the same space became the flame for “refiner’s fire” and was stitched yellow.advent6

“I am broken in so many ways” ended up as a border under the candle for Love. Appropriate, don’t you think? advent2

The tree, a symbol of new life and hope ended up front and center in the first week of Advent. advent9

You will see in the border under the tree stitching to ‘light a path through darkest night’.

The stitching for ‘We are like grass fading in the wind’ in the second week of Advent leaves a lot to be desired (now you really know that I cannot draw!)adventa

However, I LOVED the “… high made low, the low not so, the crooked straight, the straight not so’. That was an easy one. advent3

Now may be the time for a disclaimer. The fabric didn’t dye a perfect blue. My stitches aren’t evenly spaced. The circles aren’t perfect. For that matter, it is not a perfect representation of anything – history, theology, colours or shapes. However, it is an interpretation and the process is definitely worthwhile.

I will post the end result after Christmas. In the meantime, I hope that you will have a great holiday, and that you are able to share special time with special people.



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3 Responses to Advent, Part 1

  1. Jacqui VMS says:

    Wow, I LOVE your piece! So meaningful and so special for Advent. Looking forward to seeing the finished piece. And, the imperfections….that’s symbolic too. All fits in with the whole Advent theme :-). Wonderful.

  2. Sheila says:

    It is wonderful Judy , I love your interpretation of advent ! Merry Christmas to you and your family.

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