Making Peace with the Moon

My first quilt of 2018 was a challenge quilt due in March. The challenge was to make a Christmas wall quilt which included a piece of white frosted fabric, and a button.

When I came across the Peace Moon pattern by Laurel Burch, I knew it was the one I wanted to make. In fact, I just had to make two (again!). It’s too hard to make something you love and then give it away!

Wouldn’t you know it? The gradated fabric I challenged myself to use in 2018 fit in perfectly with this pattern. Laurel Burch was ahead of the times. gradients

Sewing the quilt together was so simple it hardly qualified as piecing. Raw edge applique also is little more than tracing, cutting and ironing. So far, so good. peace1

Then it was time to pull out the paints and pens, as instructed in the pattern. peace7 Now it gets risky. I played it safe by starting with the holly leaves… then the flowers. I found out that:

  • Sharpies might be permanent, but they bleed;
  • dark fabric pens work well, but light ones don’t;
  • paint doesn’t work as well on fabric as it does on paper or wood. It is difficult to shade, and often the colour looks grey once it has been applied.

I am a minimalist and I can’t draw. So this really goes against the grain. I would quit, but something had to be done with those birds! After some penwork and some paint, this project hit rock bottom. It looked primitive, amateurish.  I had to walk away.

A break always helps give new perspective, new ideas. The lines were too short, too few. I had to make more, and make them bolder. Laurel had a lot more detail in her picture including hundreds of little white dots. There really are times when more is more. As for me, I decided to stop with the pens and paint while I was still ahead. peace8

It was finally time for some stitching. Things could still go south…

And they did. The post so far was a draft written in January. I finished the quilting on one and was hand stitching the binding when…

I spilled coffee on it.

My white moon was no longer white. The permanent fabric markers bled. The Heat and Bond lifted.

Good thing I had two underway. It was a scramble to finish one (with stitching in place of markers!) in time to be auctioned off at our local quilt show. The other was put away -out of sight, but not out of mind. Could it still be rescued?

This week I decided to find out. Some free motion quilting where marker lines used to be, satin stitching in places the Heat and Bond had lifted – and more for extra insurance, a little hand embroidery, and jewels just because I wanted to give it a little extra love. peace9

It looks a little weathered and worn, but then again, it has been through a lot. Hot water baths… bleach… and every other solution people have suggested.  Plus a whole lot more stitching. Reminds me of life. It has a story, and I think I will keep it.

This week I also finished several Quilting On The Beach (QOTB) projects and started on Christmas gifts. Of course I can’t show you any of these but watch for the electronic QOTB Trunk Show in January!

Finally, here are some recipes from Ken’s Kitchen:

Until next time, keep creating and keep on stitching!

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6 Responses to Making Peace with the Moon

  1. Marnie says:

    Judy, it looks great! The moral of the story never give up on your quilt. It’s always a learning experience. And the rescued one looks amazing. The quilting looks fabulous and took primitive ( in your words , not mine) to art.

  2. Kate says:

    Your wall hanging is wonderful, and it has a story. I may have to look for a copy of that book.

  3. Ruth 09 10 says:

    Really enjoyed your story…in my head I can hear you laughing as you tell it! What a fun looking quilt! I always wish for life to have no hiccoughs but most great stories have lots of them. Thanks!

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