Hometown: Love, Saskatchewan

Think of your home town. How would you describe it? Better still, how would you depict it on a Postcard of Fibre Art (PFA)?

I belong to a PFA group on FB that threw out a Hometown Challenge. The challenge this time was to make it a little bigger. And multi level. With such good subject matter to work with, I just couldn’t resist.

Love – population of 50; located in central, Eastern Saskatchewan. The highway on which it is located borders farming land to the south and gentle rolling hills of pine trees and rivers/lakes to the north. I still have family in the area and usually go back once a year to visit. Like most, however, I had to leave the area to attend school and work.

My card has 3 levels. The initial design was done on PowerPoint – One page for each level. It was the easiest way to get words printed onto fabric, to get perfect simple shapes (like the heart), and to ensure the size of each item was what I wanted.

The first layer was street names. It formed the background fabric for the rest of the card, but here are pictures just to show you that the street names actually exist.

Layer 2 was based on a picture I took (with the cute grandsons). It was taken facing west along the rail line on Main St. love1 To reproduce this, I used raw-edge applique and lots of thread painting.

Here is a picture of the back, just because I can no longer see it… love layer2 back

The edges were finished with a satin stitch and ‘glued’ to the first layer with Steam-A-Seam.

The third layer is a reproduction of a sign welcoming you to the community. love2The words were printed on white fabric and then I dug out my old Folk Art painting supplies to paint the rest.

My skills were very rusty, but it is what it is. I wanted a nice clean edge on the sign so wrapped it around the Flexi-firm and ‘glued’ another piece of Flexi-Firm of the same shape to the back. Spacers of Flexi-Firm also helped level the sign posts and attach layer 3 to the first two layers.

Some blue thread that came out of an Indigo dyeing session was used for the edge. I simply did a blanket stitch and then tied knots on the thread between the stitches. A few loose strands of thread represent the very fitting slogan for Saskatchewan which is “Land of the Living Skies”. So, here is the front of my finished postcard. love finished

Love has it’s own Postmark (used by many brides to mail wedding invitations). I was able to download a copy for the back. Since I do not intend on mailing this postcard anywhere, I enhanced the postmark with a little embroidery and put details of the village on the back. love-back-finished.jpg

This was so much fun, I have plans for a few more cards. Winnipeg, my current hometown, is my next project and far more challenging. It may be awhile before you see it.

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