Alberta Two Step

I get by with a little help from my friends

Make that… “I get by with a lot of help from my friends.

A cowboy/girl boot quilt would not be my normal style, but at times like this you have to think about the bride (my niece). She has been called ‘the horse whisperer’; country is her style.

When her wedding was announced, I knew the Texas Two Step would be the perfect pattern but I was short on time and fabric that could even remotely be considered country.

Thanks to Gail (piecing), to Susan (quilting), and others who contributed scraps of country fabric, this character quilt came together. boots12

I got it back with a week to spare and it was lovely. But I simply could not resist getting into the spirit and adding some bling. I tried to deep it to a minimum – some tabs, some swirls, a few buttons, gemstones. Each boot got something different, except for the bride and groom’s initials which meant I had to add two S’s. Applique would not normally be added after the quilt was already quilted, but it worked fine.

The finishing touch was a play on the words to the song “These boots were made for walking…” Lucy had some suggestions, which I modified and inscribed with FMQ on a flange on the back.

  • These boots were made for walking into your heart
  • These boots were made for walking down the aisle
  • These boots were made for walking beside my love
  • These boots were made for walking through life’s footsteps


It is not often that a person can throw caution to the wind but this quilt was a lot of fun to make, and the wedding was great. Here are a few pictures, all including boots.

Bride with her two sisters…

Mother and daughters… boots10

The shoe game… boots8

The Texas two-step becomes the Alberta two-step.

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