Summer Snowballs

Last week it was still winter. The ice was melting. Crystals of ice sang to each other and to us, as they gently swayed in the breeze and nudged each other along the shoreline. Occasionally there was a bang as larger pieces of ice broke away from the rest or was pushed up onto the shore.

This week it is summer. Temperatures were 31C yesterday and my first flowers of the years were confused. What happened to spring?



It’s a good thing I took time to finish my summer table runner this past week. Ironically, it is a snowball pattern*. snowball8

This table runner has been hanging around for awhile. It was a good teaching tool that I used in a demo of ruler quilting at our Quilt Show, and was going to use for a class in Designing with Rulers. When the class was postponed, I decided we needed to use the table runner and it was time to get it done.

I contemplated three different designs

and chose one that required no markings. My 13″ straight ruler, and S ruler did the trick. snowball1

Here is a close-up, and a better look at the back

Those that quilt with me every week have seen this project evolve since Christmas. snowballcReversible chair covers have a Christmas look* and a summer look that I should have planned better. With no plans to use the snowball corners, I cut them off with scissors rather than a rotary cutter. Then when I decided the covers needed to coordinate with the table runner, sewing the tiny pieces together was a bit of a challenge, but the result was worth it.

The straight line quilting on the chair covers was done using my favorite quilting ruler. This time I only made one reference line down the center and used it to go up and down on either side. What a time saver these rulers are. No threads to bury and minimal marking.

This was a total Beginner project. Easy, fast, and WAY better than if I would have tried to FMQ the lines any other way. If your rulers are still in their packages, I encourage you to get them out and play with them.

Not sure why I chose a snowball pattern to look at all summer. Maybe it will remind me to appreciate every day where the temperatures are above freezing.

*Summer fabrics and free Snowball pattern by Moda; Christmas fabrics by Northcott

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2 Responses to Summer Snowballs

  1. Absolutely beautiful quilting. I really must practice more!
    We missed spring too and have leaped into summer; really weird weather here outside Ottawa.

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