Back to Stitching Circles

Today I cut out the pieces for the last circle. Hip, hip hurrah! The most challenging – should I admit that maybe even the most fun?- part of this project is done.

Block #16 was as hard as they get. I cut out the same piece once, and then twice. Some were cut out three or four times. circle game a0

Why couldn’t I get it right? It looked easy enough! But fabrics that look good together as large pieces no longer looked good together once they were cut. Not enough contrast. Or too much. Sometimes the scale was wrong. Other times it was the colour.  Finally, I went to the pile of previous rejects. It was just what I needed. Small scraps gave me a better idea of what the cut pieces would look like.

Let’s back up a bit.

Before Hawaii I had 11 circles stitched. But I needed more time, and space, and concentration, and more fabric. So I stopped making the circles and started attaching the corners. It was the perfect ‘take along’ project.

Forty hours in transit both directions gave me lots of stitching time. I continued attaching corners to the circles until I ran out of cut pieces.


Then it was Quilt Show time. And curling. No point getting all the fabric out again, so I started ‘framing’ the blocks. Right from the beginning I cut a frame piece every time I made a new template so that I wouldn’t have to cut 128 of them at the end. I had quite a few. Enough, as it turns out, to frame 5 blocks. Here are a few:


Now, out of circle pieces, out of corners pieces, and out of frames pieces, it was time to get the fabric out to do some more cutting.


I have more airplanes and airports coming up this week … and The Winnipeg Jets made it to the next round of playoffs. Looks like lots of circle stitching time in my immediate future.



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2 Responses to Back to Stitching Circles

  1. Jacqui VMS says:

    Just LOVE these!! They are turning out great. I have a bunch of these types of projects on the go too and love to get back to them. I’ve had too many baby quilts to make lately and not even time to blog about them! One thing at a time LOL

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