My Quilting Family

Quilt Reflections 2018 is history. What a wonderful show!

In this post I want to highlight the work of people I quilt with every week. These are the people who have welcomed me into their circle and taught me so much about quilting. I feel honoured to have them as friends.

Joan is VERY productive and the Queen of applique. I remember when she had this circular pattern spread out on the table and was preparing her applique templates. She used a hole punch to make the perfect little circles you see in the trees – and they still looked perfect even once they were appliqued on! The center is her own design based on a picture her husband took at Clear Lake, Manitoba where they enjoy some time every summer. I could do a whole post on her work alone. ‘Summer at the Lake’ received the Viewer’s Choice Award.


Lucy has taken English Paper Piecing to a whole new level. Sometimes she brings her laptop and printer/cutter to Quilt Days in order to make her next set of templates. This is ‘Millie’. All of the pieces were hand stitched together, and you can see that it is not a simple hexagon pattern.


When Karen showed us ‘Norman’ the elephant, I just had to order the pattern but I have not had the courage to start it yet. There are over 200 pieces in the trunk alone! She felt like a protective mother who didn’t want to let Norman go to the show, but we convinced her to do so. It’s the first time she has ever entered in a judged show.


Jan does some very interesting work and ‘signs’ her quilt with a clown label. The clowns are always different and are appliqued on. The balloons usually have names and/or dates embroidered on them.


Toby likes to make children quilts but this is not your typical ABC quilt. It had many people at the show guessing what the individual letters stood for. The close-up I chose to show you was Talk & Listen. Who doesn’t remember playing the tin can game!


It seems like Susan is working on a new project every time I see her. She usually makes quilts with specific people in mind and often finds patterns and inspiration on-line – like this paper-pieced Harry Porter quilt that was made for her niece.


Shannon always says that her quilts have to have a home. This quilt went to the home of her 80 year old Aunt Jo as a pattern+fabrics. With Shannon’s help, Aunt Jo learned a little bit about quilting, and the embroidery stitching kept her entertained for 18 months.


Simone is very creative and is another one who gives most of her quilts away. She created and intends to gift this quilt to the facilitator of her Blanket Exercise workshop (an interactive teaching tool designed to improve the relationship between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples in Canada). The neutral fabric is called People of Turtle Island and was designed by a Winnipeg Indigenous woman. Simone then quilted it with a Metis infinity symbol. Simone1

Cowboy boot quilts were very popular this winter, and this is a quilt made by Gail. Bright and colourful, who wouldn’t want these 30 pair of boots in their closet? Gail

Only a couple of weeks before the Quilt Show, we saw this quilt still in pieces. Somehow Val managed to get it done in time. Made of denim and flannel, this will be a quilt enjoyed for years to come. Val2

If you have stuck with this post so far, I will tell you that I did win a few ribbons as well. It’s A Party placed 1st for quilts that were commercially quilted by a computer guided machine; My Canada placed 2nd in the category for large quilts quilted on a domestic machine; and Set Sail won 3rd in the Potpourri category. My proudest moment came when I entered the Quilt Show and saw both of my Canada quilts at the entrance. Judy1

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2 Responses to My Quilting Family

  1. Laurel Martin says:

    It was a great show, Judy! I was happy to see both of your Canada quilts at the entrance too!

    I LOVE “Set Sail” and hope you continue to do more quilts like it.

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