Indigo Dyeing with Donna Fear

This class was a last minute add to my week of Quilting on the Beach. Somehow, I just knew it would be something special. Maybe too special. I can become obsessed and easily sidetracked by something fun.

And this was fun!

The class was held at the home of Donna Fear – 3000′ up the side of a mountain with an ocean view.

The classroom was outdoors under a tent set up in her driveway.

After a few instructions, we made our first folds, and they went into a water bath to soak… indigo2

… then into the indigo dye vat followed by the magical reveal as our pieces oxidized in the sun and turned from a florescent green to blue.

After that, it was all play. Clothespins went from this to that…


More chopsticks and wine corks …

Slinky and twist ties…

Now look what the Winter Issue of House and Home has as one of the best new trend of 2018!

If my neighbours see clothes lines going up in my back yard (after the snow finally melts!) they will know that I have succumbed to this new passion. I will need to eat more food with chopsticks. I will need to drink more wine, and DH may end up missing a few washers, clamps and screws.

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6 Responses to Indigo Dyeing with Donna Fear

  1. Laurel Martin says:

    You made some beautiful fabrics! Let me know when you are ready to teach!

  2. Barbara Wagner says:

    Hi Judy, I took Donna’s class this past February and had a great time. I’m enjoying your photos here – I wasn’t able to take many. I belong to ASG in the states & would like to write an article for our local chapter newsletter. Would you mind if I used a few of your photos for my article? I’m most interested in the following: the tent, water bath, dye vat with the purple gloves, clothespins before & after, and the chopsticks fan-shaped design. Thank you and Aloha!

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