Big Island Shop Hop 2018

6:30 seems too early to be somewhere when you are on holidays. Except maybe for a shop hop.

Two buses, almost 50 quilters, six quilt shops and 10 hours. It was a big day. bus

Each store had one part of the following wall hanging*. You had to visit all six stores in order to make the quilt top. Patterns were free and kits were $15, but with a purchase of only $45 the kits were free as well. What a deal. banner1

The Shop Hop tour started at Quilt Passions, the organizers of this event. Some pretty dedicated staff were there early to open the store, hand out ‘passports’ and put out a spread of sweet breads and muffins. Of course I found some gradated fabric I just had to have. This one, designed by Deborah Edwards (Northcott) is exclusive to Quilt Passions.

At 7am we were off. Only a few blocks away we stopped at Fabric & Quilting Delights where we were met by a young lad ready to stamp our passports. This store had a very good selection of Kaffe Fassett fabrics and I was able to add to my selection for The Circle Game.

The long trip between Kailua Kona and Volcano Village was broken up with a stop at a local bakeshop in Na’Alehu. We weren’t hungry but couldn’t resist buying pastries made with local ingredients. The purple Taro bread was our favorite. They even had a culinary garden out back, with labels for those of us who can’t recognize warm weather plants. The only picture I managed to take was of this little gekko– gekkos

Kilauea Kreations (Volcano Village) is a small quilt store where I found more gradated fabric. My collection is growing.

Then it was on to Kilauea Kreations (Hilo) where it was extremely easy to spend the $45 needed to get a free kit.

Hilo has another small Store called Strings, which has quilting and needlework supplies. My favorite purchase there was hand dyed cotton and silk thread.

The drive along the east coast from Hilo to Hanoka’a is lush and tropical. Between Robert (Quilt Passions) and the bus driver we were entertained with many Island facts and stories. We heard about the ‘green flash‘. While not unique to Hawaii, it can be a great place to see it, and we were lucky enough to see it twice during the 10 days we had there.

Our last stop was at Topstitch in Honoka’a. Once again, the store greeted us with a spread of cheese, crackers and fruit. They were more than willing to answer questions and help us with our purchases.

Back at Quilt Passions our circle was complete. Our passports, complete with six stamps, were turned it to be eligible for prize drawings at the end of the month. stamps

*Hawaiian Tropical Stain Glass Group Quilt was designed by Mary Moody Cox and Leimomi Beaudet. The technique was inspired by the work of Phyllis Cullens and the design was inspired by the work of Heather Brown.

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8 Responses to Big Island Shop Hop 2018

  1. Marnie says:

    Thank you for taking Me on you little journey with you. I’m glad you bought such beautiful treasures. I sure love the gradient batik. Wish one day I could be on the islands visiting all the quilt shops.

  2. Jacqui VMS says:

    What fun! That would be worth getting up early LOL!

  3. Marilyn Fontaine says:

    Wow. Looks like you had a great time. Did you piece the wall hanging in Hawaii or saving it for home? I’m in Osoyoos BC. No quilt store, but am going up tp Penticton today to visit one. Still hand piecing my squares I brought from home. Nice looking at all your pictures.

  4. Peggy Melfi says:

    LUCKY YOU!!!!!!!!!!!! Sounds wonderful, and I covet the 2 fabrics you show–love, love, love! I’ve been to the Kailuea Creations in Volcano Village~~I gifted my husband a treehouse stay (REAL! With a tree still growing up through it!) for his birthday one year. And, as a weird coincidence, I JUST started working on an “Ono” quilt pattern I bought there! (Plus bought an awesome batik caftan from the gift shop in the back).(Cue “doo-doo-doo-doo” music)~~~~~AND! just discovered Phyllis Cullen and her work today!!!!! Strange, strange strange. Just got through looking at her facebook page, and sharing a lot of her posts, too. She sounds FUN. I NEED to go to Hawaii. Kauai is my happy place, and it’s been too long.

    • Peggy: I am so happy you found my blog, and I apologize for the delay in responding. (I was busy with renovations and at the lake this summer where our internet connection is sketchy.) If you are anxious to go to The Big Island of Hawaii, and want to combine it with quilting, you should check out Quilting On the Beach. It is a week long that Quilt Passions hosts every February. You would love it! I went last year (took hubby with me) and have nothing but good things to say about the experience. Make sure you check back with me at the end of January. I am planning on doing an electronic Trunk Show of my Quilting on the Beach projects. Should be good.

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