Quilts that Talk; Quilts that Comfort

How do you best reflect the life of a person in a quilt when all you have are a select few pieced of apparel? Have you ever wondered what your clothes say about you? If someone was going to make a quilt from your clothes, what would it look like?

Sad circumstances had me making a memory quilt.

I approached it with some apprehension. I like working with colour but all of the clothes I had to work with were black and grey. The exception was a baby blanket that was yellow & white.

Cotton – the quilter’s dream fabric, but no cotton here. Only a variety of knits. T-shirts. Sweatshirts. Fleece. Knits with lace. Knits with embroidery. Knits with heat pressed vinyl. Knits with embellishments.

24 squares; 18 articles of clothing. I knew I would have to be creative and use everything I could – labels, sleeves tabs, logos, zippers, and even hems.

As I stitched, I thought of her. Evidence of life events were in my hands, and they felt sacred. I thought of her as a baby using the baby blanket, I thought of her as a teenager enjoying the Backstreet Boys, and I got a sense of the young woman she became. I felt like I got to know her just a little. That was an honour and a privilege.

I will not be providing a picture of the full quilt since a name appears on it, but here are pictures of different sections.

The back is soft and cuddly fleece. sylvie1

Did I have goals in making this quilt? I wanted it to be soft and cozy. I wanted it to be visually interesting. I wanted it to have texture – things to touch and play with. I hope I have done that. Hugs & love. sylvie4



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6 Responses to Quilts that Talk; Quilts that Comfort

  1. Donna Hartle says:

    Love the snips of the quilt you were able to share. Super creative as always!!!! Any chance you could blur the name (in your photo software) and share a picture of the whole thing?

  2. Josy says:

    I could not visualize what was to be done with the pieces you had chose. I can see that your work was well thought out and looks quite cohesive. I am sure that the finished product will be very loved by her mom. It will give her some peace and solace. She will be able to hug her daughter once again.

  3. Ann Hillman Lamy says:

    Very touching post. How wonderfully you connected to this project, Judy. BTW – I could blur the name for you if wanted. ❤

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