Postcard Fabric Art Play

One million miles did me in. At least until now.

After making hundreds of postcards in 2016, and traveling 1 million miles around the globe with your help, I took a long break. I had forgotten how much fun they are to make.

We are planning a trip to Hawaii this winter, and I like to send postcards to my grandsons when we go away. They now have a small collection of stamps and personal quilted postcards from Grandma, mailed from various locations around the world.

It was time to make some Hawaiian themed postcards. Gradated fabrics – my focus fabric of 2018 – is perfect for anything Hawaiian.

Of course I couldn’t only make one. Six is a good number to work with. It gives me the chance to play and experiment.

I already had a few scraps to use…  pfa1

So I built the background using a simple stitch and flip method using Flexi-firm as a base… pfa2

Then I did some layering – thread painting, and a little Heat and Bond…

Most of the time I use a stamp for the back of my PFAs but a PFA Facebook group I belong to have given me some other ideas for being creative on the back. pfa back

Finally, I applied a ‘frame’ to the picture. I could have done a satin stitch around the edge but this time around, I decided to use some cording that I had and just did a simple zig-zag stitch. pfa6

It may be small but the postcards are done, and I have my first start->finish of 2018 …

Besides the grandsons, I will send one to myself as a holiday souvenir and then have a few left over to send as Thank-you cards after we get back.

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17 Responses to Postcard Fabric Art Play

  1. Sheila says:

    These are great Judy, your grandsons will love them. The cording is a fun idea , I might try that as the machine I normally used for postcard making decided to die just before Christmas and my other machine doesn’t handle the satin stitch that well.

  2. Marnie says:

    They’re gorgeous Judy! So happy that your going to a retreat in Hawaiian, and just a tad envious. But so happy, really happy for you. Have a great time and post lots of pics on Facebook, I will be watching for it!

  3. Kate says:

    Quilt Canada 3018 has a postcard challenge. There are prizes and proceeds from the sales will go to the BC Children’s Hospital. You can see the details on their site.

  4. Laurel says:

    Gorgeous (as usual!) Judy.

  5. Faye Rockley says:

    Perfect fabrics for the topic & wonderful work

  6. Barbara williams says:

    Great inspiration! Thank you. I have to get some valentine cards going now.

  7. Ann Hillman Lamy says:

    I’m so happy to have connected with you at the beginning of my Postcard Fabric Art journey, Judy! It’s such a blessing to be associated with other fabric artists who value creating art in such a small and giving way! If you wish – please feel free to include a LINK to our PFA Facebook group. Although I’m not currently accepting New Members while I reorganize myself – once I’m ready to open it back up they’ll be there for me to approve. =) ❤ And a BIG THANK YOU for this tutorial! I hope our PFA members visit your (this) website of yours! LINK for "Postcard Fabric Art" Facebook group:

    • I will gladly link to your FB group ( once I figure out how to do it in WordPress). I love making postcards. They provide endless opportunity for creativity and have more of an ‘instant gratification’ than a quilt.

  8. Ruth says:

    Judy…I still have the postcard you sent me and I love it….have showed it off to friends and we all are impressed!

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