The Circle Game & Pioneer Quilting

As I was cleaning up the Christmas decorations this week, I looked at the Christmas cards and hesitated before throwing them into the recycling bin. Our pioneer quilting relatives would have kept the cards and repurposed them into quilting templates. circle game1

I started the The Circle Game in October. To refresh your memory, the Circle Game is a Jen Kingwell pattern with 16 circles which I am hand piecing. All of the circles are made with templates. Here is a repeat picture of the first 4, and then the next 4 circles.

I have never done any hand piecing before, and not totally sure I am doing it right. Maybe you can tell me if my stitches are close enough or if there is something I should do differently, based on this close-up.. circle game 11

This really is back to basics. Here are all the tools I am using. No rotary cutter. No mats. No quilting rulers. No sewing machine. circle tools

I have a whole new appreciation for our quilting history and what our ancestors went through to make their beautiful quilts. There are some benefits – it is easy to take with you, you have a lot less to carry, it is more relaxing, and it is easier to be accurate.

I will keep some of the Christmas cards, but for design ideas not as template material. Fortunately, for us this way of quilting is a choice.




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6 Responses to The Circle Game & Pioneer Quilting

  1. Kate says:

    I actually took a hand piecing course, early in my quilting addiction. One tip the instructor gave us is to take a back stitch every few stitches. This is to make the seam more permanent.
    I didn’t do any hand piecing, beyond the class. Just didn’t appeal.

    • That’s a great suggestion. It would make me more comfortable in thinking the seams would stay together long term.
      I am actually surprised at how fast the stitching goes. It’s the prep work I am not so fond of.

  2. Your hand stitching looks neat and tidy and I too take a back stitch from time to time to really secure the line. I think this kind of stitching is theraputic and can be done while listening to audiobooks or podcasts. Your circles, with those bright Kaffe fabrics, are gorgeous, I think.

  3. Renate says:

    You have lovely stitching Judy! Evenly spaced, small and tidy. I usually take a back stitch every few stitches like the others that have commented, but I also take several back stitches at the intersections. I just want to make sure that it doesn’t come apart.

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