Ruler Quilting 101 Reveal

Finishing one project seems to make it okay to add a dozen new ones!

First, the finish… ruler sampler

This sampler of quilting with rulers will be a quick visual of designs I may or may not use in future projects. The advantage of making the sampler?

  • Playing with ruler designs on paper made me comfortable with how the rulers felt, and how to manipulate them
  • Drawing the designs helped planned the general flow of stitching
  • My mistakes will remind me of things to avoid or things to change

You can make your own sampler! Whenever you see a quilting pattern you like, make a rough drawing – mine are REALLY rough. More like scribbles, that I keep with the rulers. Once you start a collection you will see patterns emerging. You will have more ideas about combining designs, which rulers to use (or buy), and it will speed things up when it comes to the actual planning of your own designs.

To make your designs, thy this approach :

Draw a 12″ square, since that is the size of most quilt blocks. Then add 3″ on all 4 sides. This will give you the equivalent of one block, 4 borders and 4 corners to play with.

Pencil and erase the designs until you have something you are happy with. The 12″ square is star of the show. Use the design you like best, and make it large. How do your rulers work with the large space? Corners are the opposite. They will challenge you to think and play small. Will the same rulers work in small spaces? Borders give you the opportunity to stretch &repeat designs. In both the corners and borders I tried to repeat designs at least once. First attempts are seldom perfect; practice is a good thing.

When you are ready to stitch your designs, sandwich a number of pieces and stitch them out. You will see that having drawn them on paper first will help plan the stitching.

On another note, we are very happy to welcome the Modern Quilt Guilt to out city. Our first assignment was to make name tags to wear to the meetings.

I went into my sewing room looking for supplies, notions and inspiration. The magnets I found were for purse making, and I couldn’t think of a way to make them work on a name tag. I couldn’t find any pins that were appropriate – but finally I saw a zipper that had fallen on the floor and decided it could work as a lanyard.

The name tag was first on the “to do” list at a retreat I attended last weekend. After that, I worked on a Christmas 2018 quilt. How is that for being ahead of the game? More like being behind, as it won’t be ready for 2017. The Laura Burch fabric I bought on my trip to Saskatchewan last May was the inspiration on this Simple Woven quilt pattern by Moda Bake Shop. Here is a sneak peak at several blocks: basket weave

I also made progress on The Circle Game. Then I had to set it aside while I waited for more fabrics to arrive. They did. But now I am on to other things. The plan is to resume hand work when we are away for several days at the end of December. I can hardly wait to play with these pretty fabrics. circle game2

Things may be quiet from this end for awhile. Christmas always does that to me. Decorations, gifts, ornaments… Too many ideas; too little time. I did get a new assistant, but so far, he is not much help. Huxley is his name, and he is quite the distraction.

I will leave you with another fall recipe from Ken’s kitchen. We had quite the batch of sweet pumpkins this year, and Ken has been trying new pumpkin recipes every week. This is one of the best pumpkin breads I have tasted. Try serving it like gingerbread, with a dollop of whipping cream. I will also be receiving a recipe for Pumpkin Curry soup within the next day or two and will add it here. It is really good! Our daughter does not like curry but she even admitted that the soup tasted good.

Have a great December, and have fun with all of your sewing and crafting activities! I will be back once my Santa work is done.

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6 Responses to Ruler Quilting 101 Reveal

  1. Marnie says:

    Thanks for your ontinued inspiration Judy. Meant to go to the modern guild meeting but never made it yet, maybe next time. Love Huxley, he looks like a charmer. I’m surprised you didn’t name him for your quilting…!

  2. Kate says:

    Your new assistant looks very handsome. I am sure he will be a great help in your future artistic endeavors. He looks like the kind of guy who will do an excellent job of testing the batting.
    Santa is coming faster than my fingers can fly, I think.

  3. Sheila says:

    I have enjoyed reading about ruler work, I do not own any but it is something I’d like to try in the future , looks like fun. Huxley is a handsome little guy and I am sure will be great company. We also got a new fur baby , Buddy is a small fox terrier and a real cuddly guy . Merry Christmas to you and your family.

    • Once you try rulers you will find all kinds of different ways to use them. Just one more thing to add to your quilting toolkit. I am sure Buddy is adorable and provides you with great entertainment. Merry Christmas!

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