Ruler Quilting 101 – Block 5

This week we will mix it up a bit, just in case you are tired of simply working with the Arc ruler. My intention was to use one ruler per block but the straight ruler is such a standard item, I decided to incorporate straight lines into this design. Here is the block we will make: block5

Here are the particulars:

  • RULER: 12/13″ Arc, 13″ straight, and 4″ Arc
  • LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY: 101, Beginner Ruler Quilting, some experience Free Motion Quilting (FMQ)
    • framed 8 petal flower, square
    • reverse rainbow, border
    • wonky curved square, corner
    • 4 petal flower, corner

Here are the rulers I will be using: block5 rulers

The only new ruler is the 4″ Arc by Westalee. It is in their starter kit. You may recall that in Block #3 I attempted to make Cathedral windows in the corner squares using the 13″ arc because it was too big and did not have a sharp enough curve to produce the desired affect. The 4″ Arc ruler by Westalee is the perfect ruler to use in such a small space.

Step 1: Make the basic markings on your quilt sandwich

  • Mark your 18″ square (these will be your seam allowance lines), A1, A2, A3 and A4.
  • Mark the 4 lines that are 3″ in from the seam allowance, lines B1, B2, B3 and B4.
  • Find the center of each B line, top and bottom (C 1-4)
  • Find and mark the center of your block (D)
  • There will be a few additional markings that we will mention as we get to them.


Step 2: Stitch all your B lines.

Step 3: Starting with C1, stitch the first row of the frame from C1 to C2, then to C3 and C4. Then continue to fill in each section towards the BB corner. I placed my ruler right on the previous stitching line, so the rows are 1/4″ apart. Before you continue on to Step 4, mark the middle of your first row of stitching (E 1-4).

Step 4: Make the 8 petal flower in the same way you made the butterfly in Block #3. Start in the middle (D), travel to the tip of one petal, back down to the center and then to the tip of the opposite petal before returning to the middle. Stitch the remaining petals in the same way. Your tips will be at the C and E marks.

Step 5: Make the reverse rainbows in each of the 4 boarder sections. Using the C marks as your guide, stitch from the SA to the upper C mark. Adjust your ruler and continue to the other AB seam allowance. Stitch two more rows, 1/2″ apart.

Reverse the rainbow. This time start with BB, stitch to the lower C center mark and continue back to BB. Make 2 more tows, 1/2″ apart.

Step 6: Stitch the 4 petal flowers in 2 corners, opposite from each other. You will need to find the center of the block (F1-2). This is where you will use the 4″ Arc ruler, reversing direction at F1 and F2. A3S6

Step 7: Stitch curved wonky squares in the other 2 corners. We first did this in Block #1 using the straight ruler. The Arc ruler gives a slightly different effect, and I must admit that I need more practice with this one!

Next week we will conclude this series with our final block for Ruler Quilting 101. Until then, have a great week and continue practicing!

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