Set Sail

One more week before I get back to ruler quilting. And I promise, it will be the best block yet.

Today’s post features an old UFO recently finished. It’s journey started 3 or 4 years ago with the stitch out of some nautical designs by Urban Threads. There was a perfect spot at our cottage just waiting for it.

Obviously, my machine embroider skills leave something to be desired. I was so disappointed in this attempt that I have done very little since stitching out these.

This is why it almost hit the trash.


This year the perfect sport on the wall was still bare. I made a decision to either finish or discard. With nothing to loose, I decided to take this opportunity to practice some FMQ and ruler work. If it didn’t turn out, it could still be thrown away.

I started with micro stippling Mr. Octopus in the center. It was magic!  I couldn’t believe the difference! All the extra fabric got sucked up.


I was so pleased that I just continued block by block making quilting decisions as I went. Stippling got a little boring, so I tried using rulers for the first time – first as sun rays, then as wonky squares. Not perfect, but it was good practice.  The front looks better than the back.


Since the blocks were heavily quilted, the sashing around them seemed empty, so they got ‘framed’, and just for some more variety, I added wave-like lines and pebbles in the lower section. My sister suggested a rope tied to the anchor. It was perfect. A few stone embellishments completed the look. setsaila

We have had an on-going fight with beavers at the lake. DH is most annoyed with them, but they did leave me a nice hanging rod, so I knew I would be making tabs to hang the quilt from. When I saw the wood buttons at a local store I know they would be perfect. It just took some searching under closet doors to reclaim them from little Miss Mavis, who has used them as cat toys for a few years.

The final embellishment was going to be gem stone eyes for the sea creatures, but then I decided to also add some stuffing to the embroidery section to give it more of a 3-D look. After that, I could not think of one single thing more to add. setsailc

Did you ever get an A in an exam you thought you had failed? Me neither. But in Set Sail, it was almost as if I could do nothing wrong. Next summer it will be hanging in its spot at the lake. Finally!

Speaking of DH, here are a few more of his recipes. I am a little behind, so will give you four of them! As you can see, they are great comfort foods with ingredients that are readily available at this time of year.

Have a great week! I hope its a creative one.


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4 Responses to Set Sail

  1. Marnie says:

    This is absolutely STUNNING! I love everything you have done on this piece. Definitely a work of art.

  2. Lisa Grabowski says:

    Judy it looks amazing!

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