Northcott’s Canada 150 Block Party Finals

All spring you watched me collect and make blocks from shops that participated in Northcott’s Canada 150 Block Party challenge. Similar to row-by-row, you had to visit individual quilt stores in order to collect the patterns. Some of you even bought kits from your local stores and mailed them to me. I had so many blocks and panels, I made 2 quilts.

I gave you the locations and stories behind the blocks. The blocks were wonderfully Canadian. I even designed one myself – called Winterpeg. Just look for the snowflakes!

Both of my quilts are in the top 13 from entries submitted across Canada. I really wanted my quilts to reflect all of Canada so both of my quilts have all thirteen provincial & territorial flags on them. None of the other quilts that made it to the finals have that. I was also able to collect blocks from every participating province – thanks to you.

Now it’s voting time (the winning quilt will be chosen by votes), and I would really appreciate any help you can give me. It could be your vote; it could be forwarding this post to your friends, sharing it on your Facebook page, Instagram or even on your blog.

Although these quilts were made to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday, you do not have to live in Canada in order to vote. You can only vote for each quilt once, but you CAN place more than one vote so you can vote for both of mine, and you can vote from any device with a different IP address – iphone, laptop, work computer etc.

To refresh your memory, here are pictures of “My Canada” (front, back and detail) which I custom quilted on a domestic sewing machine, and here is the link to vote for My Canada.


It’s A Party was finished just weeks ago, quilted by a friend on her long arm. Here is the voting link to It’s a Party


Thank you, my blog family and friends!!!


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4 Responses to Northcott’s Canada 150 Block Party Finals

  1. Donna says:

    What is the deadline for votes, Judy?

  2. kate says:

    I voted last week, Judy, but it was hard to choose between them.

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