Spring has finally arrived – I hope!. As I write this, the frogs who have taken up residence in the pond just under our bedroom window, are trying to sing me to sleep. As usual, I am trying to solve design dilemmas in the middle of the night. Does anyone else do that?

Last weekend I went to my first quilt show of the spring season so I will show you a few pictures from there. It’s always so nice to see the fabulous work some people do. My biggest surprise was to see that someone who follows this blog entered the Hexi Holder she made in our Quilt-Along last January into the show. That was special!Hexi Holder

I love it when old tablecloths are rescued from second hand stores and repurposed into quilts. I believe it is a linen tablecloth that came from Value Village. It is a beauty, and has fabulous quilting.

Black, white plus 1 colour is always stunning. This seems to be the year of red, and I am gaining quite the appreciation for it. The first one shown here was made by a friend I quilt with most Tuesdays.

And here are a few more, just for eye candy.

Finally, I just have to include this one. DH always enjoyed playing Snakes & Ladders during our evenings at the cottage (FYI- no TV, no phone or internet coverage, and only 2 radio stations). I just might have to make one of these so that he can play with the grandkids. ac8

I will discuss my design issues another time. I am currently spending most of my time quilting my Canada Block Party quilt, desperately trying to finish it by my self-imposed deadline of May end. We will see if that happens.


This week I will leave you with a few recipes from Ken’s Kitchen. He deals with a number of international students, as reflected in some of these recipes:

Have a great week. Enjoy the nice weather, new flowers as they bloom, and frogs as they sing.

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4 Responses to Spring

  1. Noella says:

    Have yourself a great weekend as well. I love listening to the frogs sing. Reminds me of growing up in the country.

  2. Kathy Stephen says:

    I really appreciate your comments. I was proud of my project and our show. I was happy to see you. Tis the season of quilt shows. 😁

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