Small Idea; Big Job

This is the point I start to panic.

It’s been all fun and games until now. Collecting patterns, buying fabrics, contacting friends (and kind strangers), making blocks. It was hard to stop. Just one more… Oh, this one is different… I don’t have one from there yet…

All is good as long as it is just a mental picture. Then…

This week I spread it all out. OMG! This is a sample – I don’t have space to spread them all out:

35 blocks of different sizes; 14 panels.

Now it’s puzzle time. Dozens (literally!) of flags, crests, maple leaves and other symbols. Blocks that were too big, too small or too busy. Bits and pieces of fabric that weren’t big enough for anything.

What was I thinking?

Time for a few decisions. First, I decided I would make two quilts. Two kids, two quilts. Make sense? Canada will only turn 150 once, so each child will get a Canada 150 quilt. Whether they want it or not.

Another decision was made as a result of a conversation with the person who usually does my long-arm quilting. Blocks with 3-D elements and/or blocks with a lot of fusible web are problematic for her, so I will have to put all of those blocks into one of the quilts and quilt it myself. Oh, Oh.

Also, I want to cut the panels into pieces but I will need to use as many of the pieces as I can since it’s next to impossible to get more of this fabric anywhere in the city. Can I do it without the quilts looking totally ridiculous, covered in flags and symbols? a8

So, here is this week’s work – the center of one top, pieced and sandwiched:


This is the quilt I have to quilt myself so I am going to quilt it in sections. It will have 15″ borders added to all four sides. The back so far:  a7

That took all of the blue and gold fabric that I had. Some of the borders have been made:

For the rest, I will keep you guessing. As for that other quilt? I have just a few more blocks to make…

Fortunately, I have been down this road before and recognize that the panic symptoms come at the ‘puzzle and quilting’ phases. Just breathe. Keep putting one foot in front of the other. Eventually it will be done and we can move on to the next idea.

Have a great Easter weekend. I hope it is meaningful for you. Thanks for stopping by and reading my post.

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10 Responses to Small Idea; Big Job

  1. Noella says:

    It will surely look fantastic when you’re done

  2. Kathy Stephen says:

    I love all the fabrics that are available now with Canada Themes. Yours look wonderful

  3. Janet says:

    Love seeing your creative ideas Judy! Marvelous!

  4. Lesley says:

    It looks beautiful Judy.

  5. Josy says:

    I feet your panic and I had already decided that Andrew’s quilt would use only some of the flags, provincial names and some of these squares with tweaked changes that would reflect CDA places we have visited with him through the years. The choices you used in quilt #1 are very well suited together. Great planning. I will be watching anxiously your further development.

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