Volume 3 of Our Quilting was in my Christmas stocking last year.zenties0

Lots of inspiration in this magazine, but the first one to capture my attention was an article on Zenties. Don’t feel bad if you have never heard of them. Neither had I.

It’s very simple. You take a 1″ square of fabric, iron each side under 1/4″ and you end up with a square that is around 3/8″. These are then appliqued on to a base fabric in any pattern you desire. According to the article, the pioneer of this technique is Daniela Conrad

Here is the Zenties mini-quilt design they featured.


And the Zenties handbag. Very sophisticated.


At the time I read the article, I was contemplating a donation piece for Manitoba Crafts Museum and Library. The piece, to be auctioned off as a fund raiser, had to be less than 100″ in circumference and all red & white in honour of Canada’s 150th.

I had big plans, but in the end decided on something very simple.

  • 150 squares.
  • 10 zenties (1 decade) per row.
  • A celebration every 25 years.

And we have the first project that I started AND finished in 2017.

From: zenties


The person who buys it will have to figure it out by the clue on the back: zenties5

This was actually a lot of fun. I think zenties will replace hexies as my travelling hand stitching project this summer.

Thanks for reading my post. Have a great week!


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4 Responses to Zenties

  1. Sheila says:

    I had certainly never heard of zenties but it looks rather interesting and your project turned out fabulous!

  2. Kate says:

    I really like your piece. I am sure someone will love it for their wall. It looks like an interesting technique.

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