Around the Block Again

This week I finished some of the best patterns of Northcott’s Around the Block Party. Let’s start with one that was a top design winner – All Around Canada from Along Came Quilting in Calgary.


Fortunately for me, the pieces were laser cut and pre-fused. All I had to do was iron them on and stitch around them. Hmm, that sounds easier than it was.

West Coast BC comes from Serge & Sew in Nanaimo, BC. A lovely scene, also done in raw edge applique.


The Red Barn Quilt Shop in Campbell River gave us Kermode the Spirit Bear that I showed you a couple weeks ago. This week I was able to get the pattern for The Great Blue Heron that comes from their sister store in Courtenay, BC. The Great Blue Heron they feature is a sub species only found along the coast from Southern Alaska to Northern Washington. It is a fishing bird whose habitat is shallow intertidal zones and lake edges. Due to shrinking habitats and their unwillingness to nest near human activity it is considered a species of ‘special concern’ in Bristish Columbia.


I finally got some patterns from Saskatchewan. Stand On Guard comes from The Sewing Machine Store in Saskatoon. It was kind of nice to get back to piecing. I quite enjoyed making this one.


The Sewing Machine Store also has a store in North Battleford. We Remember will need a special spot on my quilt, with it’s 3-D poppy and machine embroidery.


Block Party comes from Les Ateliers Quilt et Coton in Gatineau, Quebec. It is the only participating store in that province, and I was thankful for a former work colleague that made the effort to get the pattern for me.


We started with the west coast, and will now go all the way to the east coast. Sheila from Sheila’s Quilt World, went to Atlantic Fabrics in Bridgetown, Nova Scotia and sent me Unit 4 – the letter A. I have never met Sheila, but after following her blog and participating in her quilted postcard exchanges, she feels like a friend.


We soon realized that Atlantic Fabrics has six stores and a person needs to collect patterns from all six stores in order to spells CANADA. I have Units 4, 5 and 6 (ADA). Two more are coming but we don’t know which letters they will be. The only one missing is from Greenwood, NS.

I was going to wind this up but obviously, I need to collect the remaining Nova Scotia pattern and collect at least one pattern from Ontario. People are starting to ask how many quilts I am making. That is a good question!

Have a great week. I hope spring has sprung where you are.


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6 Responses to Around the Block Again

  1. Sheila says:

    Judy , your blocks are gorgeous, I really love the first one with the geese , I had seen that pattern floating around fb and love it . I have a friend who lives near Greenwood so will check with her for you .

  2. Marnie Houston says:

    This looks the same as the last post…..or did I read it twice this week? Lol

    Marnie Sent from my iPad


  3. Kate says:

    I think I might be able to help you with an Ontario block.

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