What’s Your Mood?

moodHere is my Mood Board. It has been ‘in my head’ for at least 2 summers as I clipped and collected pictures out of magazines.

This week I thought we might take a break from the TransCanada Block Party and give you something to make if you should so desire. This project is lots of fun.

You may be asking what is a ‘Mood Board and how is it different from a vision board?’

A Vision Board is all about goals, blah, blah, blah. Sorry, did I say that? It was my inside voice speaking. After a lifetime of working, it’s nice to be spontaneous and not necessarily worried about numbers or goals, so I don’t have a vision board.

A Mood Board on the other hand, is a mini-collage that expresses who you are. It is a way of branding yourself. It reflects what you like, and what you want your work to convey. A mood board can guide your buying decision. It will help you organize your work and eliminate clutter. In other words, it provides focus.

My tagline is ‘modern quilting with a touch vintage’. I like modern, I am selective on the vintage side, I like rustic, and I like nature. My Mood Board reflects all of that. It is a little bigger and more colourful than it should be, but so be it. It reflects me.

Grey is ‘my little black dress’. It goes with everything. Grey & red, grey & purple, grey & yellow, grey & orange, grey & blue… What this exercise did was help me identify the values of these colours I like, and percentages.

Take a look at the grey, yellow and orange picture. When I think of pleasing moods, I think of sitting on the dock at the lake, watching a sunset. That is the intent of these colours. If I made a quilt to reflect this mood, it would be mostly grey with several shades of yellow and just a splash of orange.


Here is the blue/green section. It is calm, natural, and I can just picture having a cup of coffee at the bistro table. What a lovely morning! Also natural is the birch bark. Nature provides us with many colours and textures as inspiration.

I love the modern and rustic elements of the grey & red picture – it just needs some quilts on the sofa!

You can see that I simply can’t commit to just one set of colours, one era, one style of quilting, or one of anything. For now, though, this is the Mood Board I am going with. I might add a few details if I come across things that fit. But I am also going to start a new collection of pictures and objects so that I can come up with a new Mood Board in several years.

If you would like to give this a try, here are some suggestions…

  • Go through a ton of magazines/flyers and cut out things you like. Don’t limit yourself to just quilting magazines. Cut out anythings you like -pictures, sayings, and words. Cut it as small as possible to eliminate any of the noise around it.
  • Go to hardware or craft stores, and pick up some paint chips and/or scrapbooking papers in the colours you like.
  • Go to antique stores, second hand stores. Walk around the house, around the block and anywhere else you feel like. Collect everything you like – buttons, trim, thread, bark, seeds, rocks, feathers.
  • Go through your pictures and look for shapes, textures and colours you like.
  • Make prints of cartoons, sayings or people that inspire you.

Once you have a good collection, sort it into piles

  1. Pictures that reflect a mood you like
  2. Colours you like
  3. 3-D items (like fabric, lace, thread, rickrack)
  4. Sayings or other inspirational things
  5. Fonts you like
  6. Storage or furniture ideas
  7. Discards (but don’t throw away yet)

Now look at each piece & decide what it is that you like about it. Is it the colour, is it the lines or textures, is it a single elemnt or a combination of elements? Maybe it is how the picture makes you feel. Set aside your favorites.

Next, start playing with fabrics. Work on several colour pallets if you like. Group fabrics and paint chips. Start eliminating colour, paint chips, and pictures until a pattern starts to emerge. In the end it is recommended that you use only 3 colours. For your main colour, get 4 paint chips – a light, 2 medium and 1 dark. For your second colour, get 3 paint chips – 1 light, 1 medium and 1 dark. For colour #3, get just 1 paint chip.

Once you have some patterns and colours working for you, step away for a few days and come back with fresh eyes. It is recommended that you make a decision on 1 style and 1 colour pallet. Eliminate more items that don’t match.

Make your Mood Board. Tape the chips together and use them for shopping, storage and organizing. It will save you time and money.

Mine has only been on the wall for several weeks. I love looking at it. It keeps me focused on projects I want to do. It helps me let go of things that are not worth my time.The sayings inspire me and it helps me make colour decisions.

I hope you give this a try. Have a great week.


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Creator of all things quilted; minimalist in everything except fabric!
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2 Responses to What’s Your Mood?

  1. Miriam Jacobs says:

    Love reading your blog. You always have great ideas.

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