First Finishes of 2017

When it’s time to clean your house, where do you start? I start with the bathroom. It is the smallest room and not the most pleasant of tasks. It feels good to have it done – a psychological check mark.

I approach a quilting list the same way. Whatever is fastest or the most of a ‘chore’ gets done first. That way I am free to reward myself and can look forward to working on that next new exciting and stimulating project.

So, finally I have some finishes to show you. Not very exciting finishes, but finishes none-the-less.

My first 3 finishes are donation quilts. Actually, a very kind friend pieced the tops last year when I was swamped but they were in the ‘waiting to be quilted’ backlog.

True to form, I started with the one I thought would finish the fastest. It didn’t. It actually took the longest. On the positive side, it challenged my creativity and gave me lots of free motion embroidery practice!

My initial plan was to quilt calm water lines that I thought would go well with the fish fabric. I can’t draw straight lines. What made me think I could free-motion straight lines? But once you start, you have to keep going. I finished it. And hated it. Then it hung on my design wall where I looked at it everyday until I decided to try adding waves and bubbles. What was there to loose? It meant going over every line again, and adding bubbles. Lots more stitching, but I think we made it presentable enough to gift. YOU know I was covering up a mistake, but anyone else looking at it will think it was planned. Ha. Fooled them.

For quilt #2, I wanted to play with the design of the blocks. This time I was going to quilt with the feed dogs up and I wanted to practice using the quilting rulers I bought in Houston. rulersWhy did I buy the biggest, most un-ruly rulers????! Let’s just say I need a ton more practise! Fortunately the fabric was very forgiving. This went a LOT faster. Some boy or girl will love this quilt with it’s jungle theme and cozy fleece back.

Quilt #3 has been in my closet for 6 years. I know that because that was when I was going to be grandmother for the first time. I was a very new quilter and thought this panel was an easy way to make a quilt. It wasn’t; it would have been easier to make my own. When my granddaughter turned out to be a grandson, the panel was abandoned.

The same thing happened 3 years ago. Now, with no granddaughters in sight, it really was time to get this quilt done and out of the house. This time I tried the curved ruler. I really should have watched the UTube video first. This ruler is actually suppose to be used for feathers! My apologies to whoever gets this quilt. Trusting that it will be a baby and they won’t be looking at the quilting lines.donate2

These 3 quilts will be going to our guild’s ABC quilt program. ABC stands for Adults, Babies, Children. They donate quilts to many worthy causes including children’s hospital, Neonatal units, Healthy Start for Mom and Me, Women’s shelters, Crisis Pregnancy Centre and more. I feel privileged to belong to a guild that does such great work. Thanks, ladies.

Quilt #4 is a small quilt made in a class taught by Heather Lair that also goes back many years. Heather was a talented and very well respected Manitoba quilter that I met one day when I walked into a Quilt Store in Gimli Manitoba. She was so kind and encouraging that I just had to take a class from her when it was offered. That class was one of her last as she passed away shortly after. This little piece has been sitting in my sewing room all this time because I didn’t have any ideas on how to quilt it. It was time to just get it done, so here it is.

So, that is 4 finishes and I am actively quilting another 2. (A few hours of free motion a day is all my eyes can handle. For some reason I forget to blink. Does anyone else have that problem?) One quilt is back from the Long Armer and another is ready to be picked up. So now my backlog will be at the binding stage. There is hope that we are making a dent.

Having said that, I just started another 3. I am so excited about them I can hardly sleep! The quilting wheel continues to go around….



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2 Responses to First Finishes of 2017

  1. Kate says:

    I am impressed with all your finishes. I am still working on my first.
    BTW I once read that no baby has ever criticized their gifted quilt, and no new mother has, either. It is made with love and care, and when wrapped about a baby, those feelings are felt.

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