2017 Quilt Along -Part 2

Last week we made the outside cover of our Traveler’s Hand Stitching Book. This week we will make the first 4 inside pages.

Page 1 – Inside cover page with an open pocket


  • 1 piece fabric 11” x 8” (inside cover)
  • 1 piece fabric 10” x 8” (pocket)
  • 1 piece interfacing 5” x 8”
  • 1 piece fusible fleece 10½” x 7½”
  • One 8” piece bias tape


  1. Fuse fleece to the back of the inside cover fabric, leaving ¼” around all sides
  2. Fold pocket fabric in half wrong sides together, and iron a crease into it. Your piece should be 5” x 8”.
  3. Insert interfacing between the folds and sew the bias tape along the folded edge.p1b
  4. Line the pocket up with the bottom of your first piece of fabric. Baste in place (less than 1/4″ from edge)
  5. Label this as page 1, and set aside. That was almost a little too easy, wasn’t it?p1a

Page 2 – Thread Page (this page is smaller than page 1)


  • 1 piece fabric 10” x 7”
  • 1 piece fabric 2″ x 12” (tabs)
  • 1 piece fusible fleece 9½” x 6½”
  • In addition, you will need four D-rings


  1. Fuse fleece to fabric, leaving ¼” around all sides
  2. Fold your long strip into thirds and press (try to keep the raw edge of fabric slightly away from the folded edge of the strip). You should now have a strip that is approximately 5/8” x 12”. Cut it into 4 equal pieces. Now you will have 4 strips that are 5/8” x 3”.
  3. Insert a D-ring into each small strip and then fold the strip in half with the raw edges to the inside.
  4. Mark your page in 4 spots – 2” from the top and 4 1/2″ from the top, on both sides.
  5. Match the center of each strip to a mark you made on the page. Stitch the strip down on both sides, and as close to the D-ring as possible. Repeat for the other 3 rings.p2a
  6. Label this as page 2, and set it aside.p2b

Pages 3 & 4 – Magnetic Protection Page, #1 (same size as page 2). These pages are identical except that the magnets are in opposite corners.


  • 2 piece fabric 10” x7”p4
  • 2 piece fusible fleece 9½” x 6½”
  • In addition, you will need two sets of sew-on magnetic snaps (the other half of each pair will be used on page 4). These are the ones I use.


  1. Fuse fleece to the fabric, leaving ¼” around all sides
  2. Measure 1” in from both corners that will end up being the top long edge of your book. Then measure down an inch. This is where the magnets will go.
  3. From the wrong side of fabric, stitch around each magnet. The picture below shows how they are stitched and then how they will end up facing each other in the book.

    BEFORE you stitch the second page, MAKE SURE you have the magnets correctly placed on pages 3 and 4 so that the magnets will attract and not repel each other.

  4. Label pages 3 & 4. Set aside.

Note: some people asked about using magnetic snaps with prongs. If you are using these position them in the same spot, but put the snaps on the outside of the fabric instead of the inside. Make a small slit in the fabric in order to put the prongs to the inside. Insert something stable (like a scrap of vinyl or a metal washer) under the prongs before bending them down.

That’s it for week 2! Easy so far, right?

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2 Responses to 2017 Quilt Along -Part 2

  1. Marian Walpole says:

    My Week 2 was held up by having to await an Amazon delivery of sew on magnets – having taken on board what you said about these being so useful in avoiding the need to scrabble around on the aircraft floor for dropped needles and scissors! Pages 1 to 4 all done now and looking good.

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